stephen watts

Food growing trainer

Based in
Sheffield, United Kingdom
Also teaches in allotments, Bristol, Leeds, Sheffield, Southyorkshire

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I am 24, and have been a food grower for 6 yrs, developing my own personal self sufficiency. i now coordinate 7 allotments and am the coordinator of the Abundance project. I have not needed to buy fruit or vegtables since june 07.

Group Classes

the art of seed saving

In this workshop you will learn the basics of saving your own home grow seed. The variety of methods of extracting the seed, the methods of storing seed, and of timing when seed is ready for harvest.

Also you will learn about the quality of homegrown seed in comparison to bought in seed.

You will also learn how to select specific plants to save seed from and how saving your own seed is a vital part of developing ones own self sufficiency.

You will be able to take saved seeds home with you. Leaflets and handouts also provided.

It's a: 
crookes quarry allotments,
sheffield, crookes quarry allotments, yorkshire, United Kingdom
Date and time: 
Sunday september 28th - 12pm - 4pm Sunday October 26th - 12pm 4 pm
£5 waged, £3 unwaged


5 yrs working with SOFI - Sheffield organic food initiative.

Working with Richard Clare, who founded SOFI, taught me lots about food growing . Richard has been a food grower for 20 yrs and he has been teaching for about 15 yrs. He tries to get students to learn from his mistakes. My own skills in food growing would be much less developed if i had not worked reguarly with Richard on his allotments. Not only did he teach me about Organic food production, and Biodynamics, he also taught me about Organic psycology, known as Horticology, - the mind sets which people view the organic world. This helps one understand how people make mistakes when attempting food production, due to not undertanding the plant which they are attemping to grow, often due to the fact that they think they know what the plant wants.
I try to teach people how to listen to plants, and i do this by trying to listen to what the plants want themselves, to exist.

Jun 2003 - Aug 2008


Aimed at: Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced.


Open to negotiation ; will teach in exchange for help with my allotments, or other labour exchange. Cash is also fine.

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