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Also teaches in East Ham, Newham, Osterley, Watford

Rates: £5 per class hour

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Shin Ken Do is considered to be a modern, self defence
Martial Art system, designed to be utilized against street attacks, and assaults. It is a highly practical system dealing with personal safety issues in defending against both armed and unarmed attackers. If practised regularly Shin Ken Do help practitioners in all walks of life. It improves self discipline, self confidence and aids in concentration mental performance and
good health, offering a total fitness program.

Training gives the student an advantage over stronger adversaries with its practical means of self defence. The Shin Ken Do technical syllabus involves a wide variety of strikes, blocks, restraints,
joint reversals, releases, takedowns and throws . Whilst most martial disciplines are predominantly characterized by a particular approach, Shin Ken Do is based on the assumption that a wider knowledge
will be the most appropriate response in any given situation and
a comprehensive understanding of the fundamental principles
is the only appropriate preparation for a physical encounter

For each grade you will learn a series of movements, blocks,
strikes, locks, throws, weapons defence, chokes and self defense techniques which will be a natural progression from those
taught in the earlier grades.

The techniques taught will consist of a combination of body movement, evasion, blocking, striking, joint locking, throwing,
vital area attacks, pressure point application, disabling and
restraining components. Techniques are designed to allow you to defend yourself in the most effective manner appropriate to the situation. Progression through the grades requires that the student demonstrate an understanding of those principles before moving on to the next grade.

Practice is essentially co-operative and makes no minimum requirements in terms of strength and flexibility.
This approach ensures that practitioners are able to train within
their own limitations and receive all the necessary guidance
and encouragement to exceed them. Emphasis is never placed on strength rather skill, making Shin Ken Do suitable for all.
Focus pads, Kick bags and strike shields are commonly used
in Shin Ken Do training. In this manner, pupils are taught safely to apply force with strikes.

Unlike repetitive gym exercises, acquiring the full repertoire of skills is both physically and intellectually challenging. When improved stamina, flexibility, balance and co-ordination come as a by-product of varied enjoyable practice, the motivation required for regular attendance is greatly increased.
The essentially co-operative approach requires that each practitioner demonstrate consideration for the abilities and limitations of their training partners. In doing so, junior students receive continuous encouragement from their partners whilst ensuring that training remains safe and productive.
If you were to watch a Shin Ken Do class training you would see a variation of strikes, locks, throws, takedowns and weapons defence, (knife and batons) Added with the dynamic and skilful movements, the onlooker will also immediately feel the presence of the dojo (gym). One which is of complete friendliness, discipline and respect between all members.
Steve Joseph has trained extensively in the martial arts for 35 years.
He’s taught the method of Shin Ken Do for over 25 years.
Training throughout the years has gained him black belts in various
forms of martial arts.
He is a former British European, World Kickboxing/karate Champion..

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Aimed at: Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced.
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Make an enquiry Phone: 07590010757

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