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Sukh Singh | Life and business mentor

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I have a huge passion for making a massive difference in the UK education industry, in fact I want to be a part of revolutionising how our young men and women are being educated. This is because of a bigger feeling that I have. I believe our children can and will lead and teach our families now and in the future. I believe that by instilling leadership in young people, children growing up in this world, that they have the capacity to shine so brightly their levels of awareness, responsibility, dedication to growth and service. Armed with this, I firmly believe that they can add massive amounts of value to, as Stephen Covey put it, the most important organisation in the world - family. My mission in life is to see that there is a "lighthouse" in every home. Someone for the family to look to; to be guided by, to instil leadership in them so that they can all grow together. I want to see millions of families sitting down, creating their own vision and mission statements, through struggle, challenge, upset, arguments, understanding, empathy, consideration, appreciation and respect. All of it. This is why I want to serve and give from my own experiences and make a powerful, compelling, absolutely massive difference in the world, and I am confident now that with the right community around me and others, this is entirely possible. My life is one of service and absolute joy, through all the challenges, pain and obstacles. One of my highest values is inner peace and I strive every day to instil this more in myself and everyone I meet. And most of all, when I go to sleep every night, and when I go to sleep for good, I want to know that this world is better off for my contribution to it.


Aimed at: Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced.
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Make an enquiry Phone: 07753 460 673

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