Timothy Flitcroft

Ukulele teacher

Based in
Islington, Greater London, United Kingdom
Also teaches in GREATER LONDON
Timothy Flitcroft | Ukulele teacher

Rates: Starter Kit £80 for 5 two hour sessions. Workshops £150 for 10 two hour sessions, Lessons from £20 p.h

Make an enquiry Phone: 07446 826703

New Ukulele Workshops starting Febuary 6th 2018 with FREE TRIAL session for new students to workshops

I am an experienced teacher and teach all sorts of ukulele (including baritone ukulele and ukulele banjo) for complete beginners through to more advanced players & players who perform semi-professionally. I currently am a lecturer at Morley College in ukulele.

I teach my own workshops in various locations usually pubs near the City or in private homes in Camden and Islington. I do a COMPLETE BEGINNERS STARTER KIT which has a FREE 2 hour taster lesson (ukulele provided if needed)then five two hour sessions for £80 or ten sessions£150.
BEGINNERS2(those who know the basic open chords and been playing a few months) and for INTERMEDIATE which looks at more advanced stuff like movable chords, playing ukulele solos from tablature, transposing, improvising etc.I also give individual lessons for adults and also children (from about 6 years old)

Even if you are a complete beginner you will be strumming song accompaniments at the first lesson with songs from popular music looking at all genres from pop to standards and folk. You can achieve really enjoyable musical results right from the beginning playing anything from contemporary pop (Lily Allen - Paolo Nutini - Jason Miraz - Radiohead - Eddie Vader etc)to Traditional Hawaiian songs to Blues and Country & Western.

I like to encourage playing from ear as much as possible and being as rhythmic as possible. I create individualised right hand strums for each song.

I create a friendly and spontaneous atmosphere where everyone feels they are contributing. Students are welcome to suggest songs or pieces they want to learn.

Group Classes


This class is aimed at people who have been playing for six months or more and who can read uke tablature or music notation and want to develop their playing

The class will start where the Beginners2 ends but will move on to including more advanced solo ukulele pieces, inprovisation, learning songs by ear, changing the key etc
It still aims to introduce contemporary pop such as Lily Allen, Radiohead, Eddie Vader etc adding in extra bits of accompaniment riffs, 'bass'lines, chord voicings etc

Teaching a workshop with more advanced players is more difficult as people are at different stages and are more interested in pursuing their own musical tastes. To deal with this the first session will include a discussion of what people want eg how much learning from notation amd how much by ear, how much by rote (being told where to put your fingers) and how much by working things out for yourself.

Ideas for songs or pieces you are particularly interested in can be put forward at this stage and if you are interested in particular techniques and strums. On this basis a curriculum will be agreed and given to participiants

All music theory is kept to a minimum and is only given to solve practical problems like being able to change key in a song or to improvise. Generally I would say the theory is far less than what you need to pass a driving test for example. However without gaining a bit of musical knowledge and developing your ear you will be stuck at a fairly rudimentary level.

It's a: 
E1 6BX, London, United Kingdom
Date and time: 
Starting Weds Feb7th 7.30-9.30pm
£150 for 10 week course


This is a continuation of the Complete Beginners course but is also for those who can play the basic chords already

Use of riffs and fills to make more complex accompaniments.
About 20 songs and pieces are learned in the course. More difficult pieces being learned over a number of weeks. THere are old favourites such as Teenage Kicks and I Can See Clearly Now and contemporary pop from Lily Allen to Radio head but also some Hawaiian and Folk/ World music songs that may be less well known.
Explanation of movable chord shapes and Barre chords in Major, Minor and Seventh shapes
Use of Voicings to increase variety in song accompaniments
More complex strums and fingerpicks including Three Strum roll and Rasgaudo
Various ways of playing solo pieces to play melodies and chords at the same time

More details at www.uketeacher.co.uk

It's a: 
Private Flat
Camden, London NW1, United Kingdom
Date and time: 
From Tues Feb 6th 2018 7.30-9.30
£150 for 10 week course


FREE trial session for first workshop.This is a course for people who may never have touched a musical instrument before in their lives and starts right from the beginning.
You will be playing song accompaniments right from the start in the first workshop. By the end you will know all the basic chords have quite a few different strums under your belt and be able to play tunes from ukulele tablature.
Songs are chosen from a wide variety of sources from contemporary pop (eg Lily Allen - Paolo Nutini - Eddie Vader etc)to Folk, Blues, Country and Hawaiian.
It is a small friendly group of 10-15 and you can go on to other levels at the end of the course.
Full details of all the courses are at

It's a: 
City, London, United Kingdom
Date and time: 
FROM MON FEB 12th 7.30-9.30pm
£80 for 5 sessions £150 for 10 week course. Free trial session.


Teaching & Performing Experience

Currently I am a lecturere in Ukuelele at Morley college and I also teach ukulele at the Claremont project. I have taught music in colleges and schools including Goldsmiths, Medway College of Design (Kent Institute if Art& Design)schools in London including Highbury Grove, Hampstead school,Hackney Downs,Burdett-Coutts,Greycoat Hospital etc
Courses taught in keyboard, electronic music, guitar, music studies, composition, sound sculpture.
Courses taught at BTec, A level, GCSE, Adult Education BA Hons in Music (also BA hons in Art)
I have performed with many bands over the years in many different situations from solo to groups and continue to do so.

Jan 1979 - May 2011

Educational history

BA Hons

September, 1975 - July, 1978
Dartington College of Arts
Two summer schools at Dartington 1979-1980 Two years at Chiswick Polytechnic music A level 1973-1975 Classical Guitar with Gilbert Biberian Two years at Morley College Adult Education 1979-1980 I also have a BA Hons in Art (Central St Martins 2001)


Aimed at: Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced.


No charge for cancellation of lessons unless within 24 hours of the lesson time (except in medical or other emergency)

Make an enquiry Phone: 07446 826703

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