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hatha yoga teacher

Based in
Catford, London Borough of Lewisham, United Kingdom
Also teaches in Brockley, Southeast London
wang bang | hatha yoga teacher

Rates: £7 per class, 10 classes for £50 (use within 2 months)

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I am a freelance writer and multi-media artist from south China. I have published 7 books in China and France. Mostly I write manga scripts for young people. I have also done filmmaking, woodcutting, drawing and pottery for many years. All of the work I have been doing, whether labouring in the studio or sitting over 10 hours a day in front of the computer, used to cause a lot of anxiety and illness in my life. When I was almost 30 I met some yoga teachers. One of them, Jian, who is a yoga and Tai Chi master taught me how to get better energy back, and how to get rid of the insomnia and depression. She also taught me Yin yoga. At the same time, I was a volunteer working with disabled people in the community and the blind masseurs taught me Chinese acupuncture point and acupressure massage. Actually that was not too difficult for me as I was born in a traditional Chinese medical family. My mother was a senior doctor who has been doing acupuncture and moxibustion for 30 years. When I started to learn those mystical points within my body, I started to realize that every single point of our body does not exist by itself; each existence is related to all of the others. This was very similar to Buddhism, which teaches that all things are connected. It was also similar to the original meaning of yogism: yuj + gham = oneness. So I fell in love with yoga, practiced Yin yoga with my teacher Jian, and at the same time studied Vinyasa Flow Yoga in the Krishna yoga institution with my other teachers in Guangzhou.

In early 2009, in order to build a higher knowledge of yoga, I took my first teacher training course in Light on Yoga Training Centre, Beijing (which is the only one accredited by India Omkarannanda Patanjali Yoga college), I studied Iyengar yoga from the elementary level to the intermediate level during the teacher training with one of the best yoga teachers in China, Lian Bing. After that, I joined a lot of workshops which were led by Indian yoga masters. I am very passionate about teaching yoga and I love my students. We always learn different and fantastic things from each other.

I have been trying to put yoga asana and Chinese acupressure massage together in my studio for quite a while. It is really helpful for relieving pain in the body and the mind. I love to use suggestion therapy for some physical, inflexible pain. I always tell my students to try to visualize the little enemies who are hidden inside our bodies; try to see them, feel them and be simply aware of their presence. Now it’s time to blow them out with our vigourous exhalation.

I am available for daily yoga classes including some weekends. Small group or one to one classes are all fine for me. I can teach Yin yoga, Vinyasa Flow Yoga or elementary Iyengar yoga to beginners, some of the intermediates, or individuals with specific interests/needs through Yoga, massage and vegetarian food therapy.

My Place (max 5 students):

Regular Classes
Yin yoga: Beginner to Intermediate
Vinyasa Flow Yoga: Mixed Levels
Elementary Iyengar Yoga: Beginner to Intermediate

Yoga for Special Needs
Ease and Mobility in Neck, Arms and Shoulders: Beginners
Mobility and Opening of Hips for reducing pain: Beginners
Spine Exercise for flexibility and reducing back pain: Beginners
Lower Back Exercise for reducing lower back pain: Beginners
Power Yoga for building muscle strength: Beginner to Intermediate
Yoga with Chinese Accupressure Massage: Mixed Levels

Yoga Class Schedule (all by appointment, all 75 minutes):

Tuesdays and Fridays 3:00 to 4:15 or 7:00 to 8:15 (flexible)

First Try Class: Free
£7 per class, 10 classes for £50 (use within 2 months)

feel free to see my website:

One-to-one lessons


Aimed at: Beginner and Intermediate.


People with medical conditions, especially heart related, should seek advice from their doctor before joining any yoga class. You should not eat a heavy meal less than 2 hours before a class. Those with low blood sugar are advised to eat some fruit or light snack before a class. Always wear comfortable, flexible clothing. You can bring your own mat or use a class mat.

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