Wendy Fry

Hypnotherapist. Life Coach. NLP Practitioner. Energy Healer. consultant

Based in
London Borough of Sutton, United Kingdom
Also teaches in Surrey and surrounding areas, telephone coaching is also available
Wendy Fry | Hypnotherapist. Life Coach. NLP Practitioner. Energy Healer. consultant

Rates: please see my websites www.bepositive.me.uk and www.bepositivelifecoaching.co.uk for various the various services and programmes I offer

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My Aims

Many of us have to face making decisions and find ways to cope with challenges almost every day of our lives. My aim as your facilitator is to support in making decisions by bringing awareness to your own potential.

I specialise in supporting you to improve the following areas:

Confidence and Self Esteem
Releasing trauma and Phobia
Focus and Motivation
Assertiveness and Communication
Work and Life Balance including Time Management

Each of us deserves happiness, health and success and my mission is to encourage and support you in achieving the life of your dreams. As your coach and therapist I will be right beside you on your journey of self-discovery offering you support, motivation and encouragement.

With your permission, I will challenge you and ask you leading questions so that you identify and prioritise your goals. I will encourage you to believe that your goals really are achievable. Together we will work out strategies and action plans to bring you closer to the results that you desire. With your belief, determination and commitment anything is possible.

I am proud to say that I hold a Diploma in Life Coaching LCH Dip and trained with Curly Martin and The Achievement Specialists (LCH Dip). I also hold a Certificate in Personal Performance Coaching and hold Practitioner status and a Diploma in NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) and Practitioner status in the Art and Science of Hypnosis. I am an Associate Member of IIC and IBPDA and abide by their Code of ethics, I am fully insured and registered with Data Protection.


Miss Wendy Fry

My biggest qualification is not a paper one, I trained in the school of life and have learnt from the experiences that it throws at you. I have overcome many personal challenges and in having these experiences i have grown as a person and a professional. It is through my empathy and understanding of how limiting beliefs and our own negative thinking that can hold us back that I now find myself wanting to help others to help themselves in overcoming often self imposed limitations.

The paper qualifications are:

Hypnosis Practitioner (Hypnosis Excellence)
NLP Practitioner (NLP Excellence)
Diploma in NLP (NLP Excellence)
Diploma in Life Coaching LCH Dip (The Achievement Specialists)
Certificate in Personal Performance Coaching (The Coaching Academy)
Reiki Levels 1 & 2 Scola
City & Guilds in learning Support

as well as many other workshop accredited courses

Please see the client success stories and testomonials on my websites from my clients. If you have any doubt about the effectiveness of making positive change through working with me you only have to read these to see how realistic it is to make change when you know what you want rather than what you don't want.



Thank you so much. I am delighted with the results from coaching and ready to tackle life again!

'I feel like my life is back on track' I’ve discovered and in some cases rediscovered new strengths and beliefs that I had lost touch with.

You really have saved me from myself! I will always remember the warmth, humanity and respect that you showed me.

'I have found peace within myself and feel fulfilled'

I will continue to work with the tools that you have given me to improve the quality of life for me and my family.

Dianna, Surrey

I decided to see Wendy through a verbal recommendation, because I had absolutely no idea what I wanted and was sick of floundering around feeling like I was wasting my days... Only to discover after just one session, that I did know what I wanted, I had just lost sight of it.

Wendy helped me get my sight back (so to speak) and the next few sessions focused on narrowing my choices down and making them come to life so that everything seemed more attainable and more real!

The beauty of sessions with Wendy is that she allows you to feel that it's ok to be you, however zany you are. You're reminded of your uniqueness and that life is a myriad of different colours and textures, with huge waves and little ripples, but most importantly, that your issues and crap are all a part of something greater and that WHAT YOU WANT IS ATTAINABLE.
I greatly benefitted from my sessions, I still feel the effects from them and I would not hesitate to see Wendy again should I feel I need to.


When I first came to see Wendy I was feeling incredibly low and de-motivated. I had had a run of bad luck and could see no reason for that to change.

Wendy taught me to look at things far more positively and now I firmly believe that a positive attitude attracts good things to you. Whilst seeing Wendy I achieved several goals which I had previously thought hopeless. Wendy is not only very professional and good at her job, but an innate kindness and sweetness of spirit shine out from her and this makes it very easy to open up to her.

You know that she wants you to succeed and be happy as much as you want it yourself.

Andrea Futcher. Property Manager. Centro

I thought that I was stuck in a situation that I could see no way out of. I wanted to leave my job, but as time went on I doubted myself and ability to move on and felt that I would never leave, which for me, was disheartening and sole destroying. I needed a new challenge and finally decided that I was not going to let this situation ruin my future. I contacted Wendy and made a positive move to change. I set time aside and committed to attending a coaching programme.

Each session was very professional, relaxed and encouraging, with a wonderful sense of believing. Wendy increased my positive outlook and decreased my negative thoughts, and focused on what I wanted to achieve. Several challenging goals were set, which I agreed to, and my confidence increased and the unachievable was now turning to the achievable.

I am very pleased to say that at the last life coaching session I announced that not only had I handed in my resignation, but I had also obtained a new career with much sought after promotional prospects.

I have achieved what I thought was unachievable. Wendy had given me her time and expertise; I was not judged but supported and guided. I gave my honesty and dedication and working together, we made my present and future a much happier place to be.


Thanks to my Life Coaching sessions with Wendy, I have managed to change my mindset on how I feel about myself.

The reality of being finally able to achieve one of my goals that I set myself was unbelievable, I actually adopted 'a can do attitude'

I have gone from being self critical to realising that I am really important and that I deserve to be treated with respect and that my thoughts should not be disregarded. Since my sessions started, I have managed to achieve several of my goals.

I wake up believing in myself a lot more.

Maria. Telephone Counsellor, Bupa. London

After just six coaching sessions with Wendy, I feel like my life has gone from 'leave me alone' to 'bring it on'.

Before I had the coaching, I was in a dark lonely place and didn't know it.

Wendy gave me the key to unlock myself, I re-discovered my creative and adventurous self.

I feel braver and happier in all areas of my life.

I would recommend coaching with Wendy to anyone who feels something is missing in their life.

Life coaching is far better than I could have imagined. I feel motivated, focused, and very happy. My friends and family have noticed too.

You CAN fulfil your potential!

Lisa Wilson. Proprietor. 'Streakers Hair Salon' Sutton, Surrey

I never would have thought that life coaching could make such a difference.

I am so much more confident and aware both personally and at work, it has changed my life so much for the better.

I have experienced change in all areas of my life including my view on things.


I have benefitted greatly from my sessions with you Wendy.

You have been helping me challenge my negative thinking which was holding me back in my work, relationships and life.

You have got me thinking in a new light.

'If I had a wish it would be to have a little Wendy on my shoulder'


I found the sessions very refreshing, I wasn't sure what to expect but it opened my mind to think.

I have experienced the greatest change in my health, personally and spiritually.

I found your questioning technique the most useful and excellent listening skills which I need the most.

Simon 'Programme Engineer', Planning and Optimisation Dept. Lindsey Oil Refinery Ltd.

Yesterday’s session was quite a catalyst for me.

I love your intro; taking the client ‘within’ and finding out their current emotional state-really works for me personally-makes me feel that you genuinely care about how I’m feeling.

I felt ‘understood which is VERY important to me.

I felt at all times that you fully believed in my ability to achieve what I am both driven to do and passionate about doing. I now have a vision for my own company.

In summary, I received substantial benefits from the session.

I personally felt you to be very confident and assured in your abilities as a coach. In my honest opinion you are very capable of assisting clients in making positive changes in their life.

Jul 2007 - Jun 2011



How much is not making a change costing you and what is the price you will pay if you choose to do nothing?

The different benefits of working with me can create positive change on many levels. Freedom from limiting beliefs, a better relationship with your partner or family, a happier and healthier life. All these things are difficult to value.

I understand that at times of worry or difficulty, when people feel they would really benefit from my services, high fees just become another worry or drain on resources. It is because of this that my prices are aimed to be affordable and realistic.

The investment that you choose will depend on what you're looking for, how much available time you have. Your personal resources available as well as your commitment to making the changes that you desire with my support.

Free Introductory Telephone Session (20 minutes)worth £40

With my compliments, a chance for you to see if the services I provide are right for you and to discuss if we would enjoy working together.

All fees are payable by cheque, bank transfer or cash in full, in advance of the first session.

Re-Scheduling appointments

If appointments need to be re-scheduled, please allow 24 hours notice, failure to give 24 hours cancellation will mean that the session will be charged for at the full rate

Gift Vouchers and Treats

Gift Vouchers are also available, so if there's someone you care about you could change their lives for the better.

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