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129b Main street 11
New York
United States

One of the most popular types of HVAC equipment is portable (portable, mobile) air conditioners. Demand for this product is quite large among our compatriots.
There are several reasons for this: The notorious housing issue. Many young families do not have their own living space, but somehow it is necessary to cope with the summer heat. Portable air conditioning is quite a good way out in such a situation.

Autonomy. Some models of mobile climatic equipment can work from autonomous power sources. That is why the majority of summer residents use such devices as an alternative to stationary “windows” or to all the fans that they love.

The ability to move. Not every Russian family can afford the installation of a channel air conditioning system or a multi-zone split system to create a favorable microclimate in each room of a city apartment. Portable home air conditioners can be moved as its inhabitants move. In other words: where people are, there it cools.

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