Demonstration of how Tai Chi Qi Gong is performed

Tai Chi Qi Gong also spelt using Ki or Chi Kung is a popular healthful exercise practiced throughout the world. It is ideally suited for people of all abilities and ages as it is gentle on the joints yet still lightly aerobic.

This abridged sequence - demonstrated at a slightly faster speed, with less repetitions for some movements and without the full Qi Gong mode Wuji stance set up, still provides an idea of what to expect when learning Shibashi Tai Chi Qi Gong.

Linzi Martin is an Instructor, teaching in Surrey, Kent areas of UK. Linzi incorporates Tai Chi Qi Gong as part of an healthy lifestyle and to bring a smile on your face - especially if you suffer with the winter darkness blues and the challenges of life.

As a Sleep Well Live Well consultant Linzi's site provides articles & tips on using natural solutions for sleep problems, insomnia and how to Live Well, downshifting your lifestyle for life work balance. Visit, link RSS, Tweet, book consultations
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