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BedErcises (TM of Linzi Martin) demonstrates and explains a series of simple whole body stretches, toning exercises and hand/head massage that you do in bed to start the day feeling more refreshed.
A short instructional style and lighthearted look at how we can start the day with practising some easy stretches and self massage, to refresh the body and mind. All this without even leaving the comfort of our bed.

Linzi, of explains and demonstrates some whole body stretches, a 'kiss my feet' exercise, then moves onto toning up 'abs', the abdominals. Using a bent knees position Linzi works on loosening the lower back muscles before moving onto hand massaging. This is in preparation for some easy to do facial and head massage. The film concludes with some advice on what Linzi drinks to refresh the brain ready for the day ahead.

Linzi Martin of is a Sleep Well & Live Well consultant. If you suffer from sleep problems or insomnia Linzi offers private consultations using a range of natural solutions. For those seeking to downscale their life for better life-work balance Linzi works closely with her clients to reduce stress, anxiety and create a more holistic lifestyle.
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Disclaimer: please take personal responsibility
for any movements/exercises that you do and if in any doubt as to the suitability of any of the movements shown here, do seek the advice of your medical and/or fitness professional. The instructions contained in this film are for interest only and no claims or guarantees are given for any beneficial effects or results. The exercises/stretches may be useful as part of a healthier lifestyle.
Part of the SLEEP WELL LIVE WELL concept. Beneficial as a natural insomnia solution, promotes good posture and balance, helps breathing and muscular strengthening. Keep yourself revitalised and refreshed and sleeping.

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