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This video gives you an overview of what WorkTime is and how it can be the most effective productivity tool for your business. WorkTime has been widely recognized as the most effective employee monitoring software by its 1000+ clients all over the world for its intuitive user interface and non-invasive approach to employee monitoring for 20+ years.

With WorkTime employee monitoring software, you can:

• Keep track of how much time you spend on various websites or applications.
• Keep track of how much time the workers spend on the job.
• Keep track of employee productivity.
• View reports on the overall performance of your business.
• Is your company required to adhere to HIPAA regulations? Great! Worktime complies with HIPPA.
• Do you need additional data security? WorkTime data protection technology gives you that!
and much more


Productivity guide from WorkTime
This guide from WorkTime experts talks about how to increase productivity at work in detail. This guide has also outlined practical and effective ways for increasing staff productivity:
1. Improve communication with employees
2. Boost employee motivation in the workplace
3. Adjust working schedules to employee chronotypes
4. Make your office feel like home
5. Help employees spend free time effectively
6. Engage employees in team building activities
7. Help your employees identify what decreases productivity
8. Create productivity plan
9. Conflict management
10. Make your workplace a good place to work

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