Getting your eating under control with hypnosis

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There is a great detail of excellent research about the way that we gain weight. Working with you to find out the way in which you eat will point me in the direction of research which will help you.

There is no real point to being thin just for the sake of thinnness or fashion. Gaining a more realistic understanding of body image issues is fantastically empowering. Learning to be yourself and getting stuck into your life is fabulous.

But there is plenty of help to manage your bad eating habits. If your thing is takeaways, knowing how fatty, salty foods trigger a dopamine rush and effectively induce an addictive response, will help us work together to find a way to trick your body. If your thing is compulsive eating, under hypnosis you can identify the causes. Knowing why is half way to the solution. Or maybe you scoff biscuits secretly in the kitchen. Most of us who are unhappy with the way we eat know what our bad habits are.

All of these ways of eating can be managed if you know what is really going on. My research is extensive and we can work together to identify a way to get you back on track.

Hypnosis is about being in control, and that makes you feel great.

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