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Welcome to School of Everything - the website that helps you learn whatever, whenever and wherever you want. From Biology to Beekeeping, History to Hula hooping, we've got it all (well most of it). And you don't need to go to the end of the earth to learn what you want - we help you find teachers and lessons near you. That means you can make your brain bigger on your own doorstep.

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What do you want to learn? Whether it's hot new dance moves to impress your friends; brushing up on a foreign language before your holiday; extra help with your academic studies or just want to try something completely new - School of Everything is for you. Tell us where you are, choose the subjects you're interested in and we'll help you find relevant teachers and lessons.

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We're always looking for great teachers. What's your specialist subject? School of Everything is the place for you to share your knowledge with others for hard cash or just for the love of it. Start advertising with us for free and find new students.

A brief history of Everything

We set up School of Everything because we think the way the current education system is organised is a bit rubbish, rigid and out of date. Loads of different ideas and projects inspired the idea but one story stands out. In the 1960s a group of people set up the Free U in sunny California - it started with blank piece of paper pinned to a notice board asking what people could teach and once subjects were listed and there were enough people signed up to each they ran the courses. Makes sense really doesn't it? We just decided to turn that into a 21st century new fangled website thingy so you can design your own education however you please.

Five of us co-founded the School of Everything (Peter Brownell, Andy Gibson, Mary Harrington, Dougald Hine and Paul Miller) and with help from the Young Foundation we set about turning the idea into reality. We're backed by an amazing group of investors (Channel 4, Esther Dyson, Tim Jackson, Sean Park, Rocco Pellegrinelli, JP Rangaswami and the Young Foundation) and run the site from our office in leafy Bethnal Green in east London.

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