Safety when meeting up

School of Everything is all about meeting up in the real world. Spending too much time in front of a screen is bad for you - and there are a lot of amazing people out there. But there's always a risk when arranging to meet up with someone you don't know. When contacting a teacher advertising here, take the same precautions you would if responding to an advert in a shop window or in your local newspaper:

  1. Telephone first
    When following up an enquiry, make sure you speak to the student or teacher by telephone first. Trust your instincts: if they seem suspicious for any reason, report them to School of Everything and the police.
  2. Meet in public
    Though many lessons happen most conveniently in the teacher's or student's home, it's safest to arrange the first meeting in a public place. Trust your instincts, and if you feel uncomfortable for any reason, don't proceed with the meeting.
  3. Tell a friend
    Before you meet for the first time, make sure a friend knows where you are. For additional security, arrange a 'safe call': ask a friend to telephone you at a prearranged time, so if it's not going well you can make an excuse and leave.
  4. Make your own way
    Take public transport or your own vehicle when meeting for the first time, so you know you can leave at any time should you feel uncomfortable.
  5. Ask for qualifications
    Qualifications and membership of professional bodies is a good way to check someone is genuine - and don't be afraid to ask to see certificates. If you are using School of Everything to arrange lessons for your child, take all the steps you consider necessary to ensure their safety. Always ask tutors for a recent Enhanced CRB Disclosure - or the local equivalent if outside the UK. Remember, by agreeing to our terms and conditions when you sign up to School of Everything, you are verifying that you are over 18 years old.


Safety online

The internet is a very public place. When giving out information about yourself or interacting talking to strangers online, it's always important to protect your privacy and personal information.

Contacting strangers

When you provide information about yourself, be sure to keep your personal information secret. We strongly recommend that you don't post sensitive information such as your address on your profile or teacher page. When you share it there it can be viewed by millions of people.

To protect your privacy, School of Everything has a private messaging system that allows you to be contacted by registered users without having to place personal contact information such as telephone number, address or email in the public domain.

In the first instance it's safest to use the messaging system until you have spoken with a potential student by telephone.

Handling money

NEVER give information such as bank details to a potential student or teacher. If an enquirer is insistent that you give them these details, please report them to School of Everything as soon as possible.

If you need a safe and secure method to receive payments online consider Paypal - And always speak to someone first and find out more about them before any money changes hands.

Spotting potential scammers

School of Everything will not tolerate spammers, scammers and anyone else abusing the community and will suspend any user acting suspiciously until we are satisfied that the enquiry is genuine.

The counterfeit cheque scam

The 'counterfeit cheque scam' is a common scam targeted at tutors. Tutors receive an email, supposedly from a foreign national looking for a tutor for their child for a limited period of time, say one month. A block booking rate is agreed, and the 'parent' agrees to send the tutor a cheque.

The tutor then receives a cheque, made out for more money than was required, and is asked to wire the difference (typically £100-£300) back by return. The cheque clears, the tutor wires the money - and the cheque then turns out to be fraudulent.

A typical scam email

Good day to you over there i need a good Tutor for my son SCOTT for the month of AUG i got your advert while surfing through the internet that you are Tutor and i really want my child to be taught by you SCOTT is 12 year old and easily catch up.

Although,i understand you are in (U.K} but i\'ve arranged with my client son Nanny living there that my son is coming to stay with him for his period of tutoring and he has agreed with me to come to the U.K , ..

kindly get back to ME with.....





Thanks as i hope to read from you as soon a possible...



In the unlikely event that you have a bad experience with anyone you met through this site, please report them to us. For more of the legal information, please see our Terms & Conditions and Privacy Policy.

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