Community guidelines

Please be kind and considerate when using School of Everything and communicating with other people. Text and images uploaded to your School of Everything profile are published in the public domain and School of Everything may remove profiles that don't comply with the guidelines below. If you have any questions or concerns, please get in touch.

Libel and defamation
Do not publish anything, which if untrue, would be capable of ‘lowering someone in the estimation of right-thinking members of society’
This applies to written text and images, please do not use any recognisable images of famous people.

Contempt of Court
Don't publish comments that could affect the outcome of an approaching or ongoing court case, whether criminal or civil.

Condoning and/or promoting illegal activity
Do not publish material admitting to, approving of, encouraging or explaining how to perform an illegal activity.

Hate speech or incitement against an ethnic/religious/social group
Do not publish text or photos that are derogatory to members of a particular race, nationality, hug, sexual orientation or religion, or any material that incites hatred of particular groups

Abusing other people
Do not name-call, threaten, insult, bully etc. Do not publish material that is purely or for the most part meant as an insult, stated with malicious intent or threatening.

Distressing content
Do not publish overly distressing text or photos.

Obscenities, profanities and vulgarisms
Do not publish obscenities, profanities or vulgarisms.

Do not pretend to be someone else or someone famous or send potentially libelous material.

Child safety
The minimum age for registration on School of Everything and posting material is 18. If School of Everything suspect a user of being under 18 we will ask for proof of age.

Licensed / Copyrighted Content
Do not reproduce any obviously copyrighted material, text or image.

Published Text
You may quote from a published text, providing the source is given and it is not quoted at length.

Spamming and spam attacks
Do not upload or send the same message or text repeatedly.

Links to websites
Do not include URLs/weblinks to other websites that do not comply with School of Everything guidelines.

Do not upload licensed images displaying a brand, trademark or log if the brand, trademark or logo is being presented in a negative light, distorted, manipulated, or in an unjust context.

Each person whose identity can be determined from an uploaded image must have consented to appear in that image.

Illegal Content
Do not publish illegal content such as images of extreme violence, racism, child abuse images and illegal sexual activities such as those involving animals and children. Do not publish images depicting any illegal activity.

Cruelty to Animals
Do not publish images depicting cruelty to animals

Nudity and Sex
Do not publish images of nudity or of actual or simulated sexual acts.

Do not publish images that depict violence, sadism or cruelty. Do not publish images taken under duress or without permission.

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