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The study of a musical instrument is something very special that one should consider most fortunate to experience. Although the primary focus of study is the instrument itself, the true goal is to acquire the necessary skills to express one's self through the language of music. Although this goal may seem very distant and sometimes unattainable, it is the journey on which the individual sets that is truly profound and fulfilling.

Not all individuals are naturally musically "inspired". Therefore, It is the instructor's responsibility and main task to transmit his passion for music to the student or maintain and nourish the inspiration that he already has within. In order to accomplish this task, the instructor must use the student's inspiration and tastes as a navigational tool through the world of music. By studying music through something that he can already relate to, the student will acquire instrumental facility with ease and naturally broaden his musical understanding.

METHOD OF TEACHING: "Music through music"

Not all individuals have the same goals in music. In addition, their skill level, musicianship level, commitment to music and personality vary enormously. It is for those simple reasons that no one method can be used for all. Lessons are "tailored" to the need of each individual, providing them with what they want to learn as well as what they need to learn to reach their goals.

For students with a precise goal, we will strive together to reach that goal. Often we will use the music he or she wishes to learn as a vehicle for acquiring instrumental skills and musical knowledge.


Success to studying anything with a teacher relies on several things. Focus, patience, practice and will power are most definitely among the ingredients. However, most importantly, good communication between student and teacher as well as trusting the teacher play a huge role. A student who does not trust his teacher does not make progress! When trust and good communication are established, excellent results can be expected in the long run!!!


Sound Production
Instrumental Technique
Solfeggio: Study of Notes/Study of Rhythm
Sight Reading
Repertoire/Song Analysis

Most topics are studied with all students, at varying levels and intensities depending on the student's instrument, skill level and goals. Do not let the terminology overwhelm you!!! These terms are simply "labels" attributed by man to organize and depict sounds or phenomena that our ear is already familiar with!


All levels
Ages 6 and up
All musical styles (except Classical)

All levels
All ages
Jazz, Blues, Rock, Metal, Pop, Folk...

Children- Beginner-Intermediate
Teenagers/Adults- Beginner-Intermediate


Music Theory and Improvisation Lessons are available to all individuals who already have some experience playing an instrument (any instrument including voice), or individuals wishing to expand their musical knowledge and improvisational skills outside of their "instrumental studies". This is an excellent opportunity for all musicians, regardless of style or skill level to understand how to learn songs, the "mechanics" that are behind them, how to play them, and how to improvise on them. This is also for those who wish to become more creative with music, and who do not know where or how to start. All material covered is backed up with musical examples, right out of your selection of songs.

  • I teach from home (or a fixed venue)
  • I travel to students

60$/hour in your home, 45$/hour in my home

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