Restore, Revive & Rejuvinate Yoga Workshop

Subjects: deep stretching, destress, Meditation, Mindfulness, relax, relaxation ...

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086 8566012
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Eden Studios

Carysfort Avenue

When: 2-4pm , Sun 22nd April, 2012.

Where: Eden Studios, Avondale Hall, Carysfort Avenue, Blackrock

Price: € 25 euro or 2 class passes


Fiona leads this rejuvenating workshop in Restorative Yoga. Restorative yoga is both relaxing and beneficial to the body at the same time. Using bolsters, blocks, straps and blankets we allow the body to release into deep stretching and relaxing poses. We allow the tension to release from the body at it’s on pace. As the tension is release and the body relaxes the parasympathetic nervous system in the body activates. This systems promotes healing within the body, similar to how the body rejuvenates during sleep. This allows to mind to rest and this is what gives us that rejuvenated feeling after class. Restorative poses also boost the immune systems facilitating the movement of lymph fluid through the body. On a physical level, we release tension from the muscles, but restorative yoga also allows us to take the stretch a little deeper into the ligaments and tendons that support the joints. This gives that little boost to our flexibility that we may not always have time to practise in regular class. For further information, or to book a place contact Fiona at 086 8566012 or [email protected].

Suitable for all levels.

SUBJECTS: deep stretching, destress, Meditation, Mindfulness, relax, relaxation, release tension, yoga

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