21 Day Unconditional Self Love and Worth Transformation Programme

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21 Day Unconditional Self Love and Worth Coaching Programme
This Transformational Programme that has been created to gently guide you towards achieving the goal of being an embodiment of unconditional love and self worth by unlocking these 'concepts' and turning them into conscious realisations within your life experiences whilst also, simultaneously revealing personal golden nuggets of wisdom for you to achieve inner healing, peace and joy. It will also help you to properly re-connect with your inner child, which is a psychic reality within your subconscious mind, in a supportive and loving way.

Unconditional love is a vital attribute for any one on the spiritual path, in fact, it is practically impossible to proceed very far upon the spiritual path if there is a lack of self love and self worth within yourself. Why? Because if you are not giving this love and worth to yourself, you will automatically end up looking for love, worth, approval and acceptance from other people in order to feel good about yourself. This will eventually cause you to become disempowered and a victim of external factors such as the negativity of others. If you are not giving this love to yourself and you are seeking it outside of self, then you are always going to be competing, comparing and frequently disappointed. It will also hold you back from achieving your dreams, goals and aspirations due to the feelings of unworthiness and self-doubt.

The development of self love and worth is not difficult to achieve, it does take commitment and consistency but it is ultimately an attitude that can be learnt and developed with practice. When you have high quotient levels of unconditional love and worth, it enables you to properly parent yourself and utilise the age old wisdom that many Spiritual Masters have used in their own evolution which is known as 'tough love'. This is not beating yourself up if you make a mistake! It is learning to say No when you need to and be compassionate with self when you do make a mistake. Ultimately, it is the ability to make choices on how to behave, think, feel, speak and act from a place of empowerment, intelligence and wisdom instead of being either extreme of the overly critical parent/overly permissive parent or sabotaged by a disruptive inner child. You become more of a co-creator who uses their energies and consciousness for the greater good.

Another benefit of having high levels of unconditional self love and self worth is that you become accomplished in developing successful relationships with others because you interact from a space of wholeness rather than seeking affirmation or confirmation of your worthiness. Other people will sense this and become more comfortable with you. Imagine how being successful in your relationships can help not only in the home, but also with friends, within your career and in just about every other area of earthly life.

By striving to be whole and complete within yourself, then oneness with God, Spirit and the Masters and thirdly with other people, you enable yourself to live an enriched life where you are free to radiate your love and light which will result in the realisation of greater spiritual enlightenment and awareness of unconditional love being manifested in your life. Like always attracts like!

Commitment and Fees: The cost for this 21 Day programme is 120 euros. You will receive a 21 Day Unconditional Self Love and Self Worth Daily Planner, an Official I AM University Ascension Activation Meditation, the e-book Soul Psychology by Dr Joshua David Stone and unlimited one-to-one coaching from Kerri Anne for three weeks, via email. Feedback from Kerri Anne will also be provided following the submission of weekly homework detailing your progress with the programme. To apply please send an email to [email protected]

Please note, the fee is non-refundable whether you finish the programme or not and is to be paid in advance.

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