Street Jitsu Association very own Thai-Kickboxing is proving once more that what we say is what we are!! never bull with us, only truth hard training and accredited instructors!!!!!!!!!!!
Chief Instructor Michael Jones and assistant instructor Richard with Andrew Homer have over 90 years combined experience in many martial arts but following repeated requests from other instructors and students, they formed the Thai Jitsu Kickboxing in June 2006 to cater to the needs of those interested in doing Thai Kickboxing training for competition and for the street we formed our own method of three disciplines,Thia-Jitsu-Kickboxing.Richard has both trained and fought extensively throughout Europe and Thailand in the devastating art of Muay Thai notching up some 41 fights and holding the proud record of never been beaten by a Thai opponent.

Since his retirement from the ring in 1997 he has continued to teach Thai,The art, throughout the UK. He was the only British student of Sampan Pariwat.
Michael specialises in the teaching of grappling and the groundwork aspects of Street Jitsu. He has travelled throughout the country training with many legends of the martial arts world such as Dave Turton, Trevor Roberts, learning and developing his skills in the grappling arts including Russian Sambo, Lancashire Catch Wrestling and BJJ.
Michael has passed his skills onto hundreds of martial artists looking for that edge in combat grappling.
Training is open to everyone and is run in a friendly atmosphere. The majority of people who come to train do so purely for fitness and self defence with a few people showing the spirit and dedication to progress to competition.
Fight training is open to those who want to progress in their training and take part in more advanced training like sparring, grappling, advanced pad techniques. Fight training is not just for those who want to fight, but if you do these guys will do everything they can to make you a CHAMPION FOR YOU!!!!
StreetJitsu Association" is sanctioned by the "SELF-DEFENCE FEDERATION" (S.D.F.) and the A.S.M.A.A.