Subjects: aikido, Aikijutsu
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Kilburn, Greater London, United Kingdom
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AikidoFlow is an Aikido club in London, that promotes the practice of the art of Aikido in an informal, friendly and supportive atmosphere. At our classes in Kilburn/Maida Vale, we have students from the ages of 16 to 70, and everyone is welcome.

The name AikidoFlow conveys our style of circular movement, and blending without struggle. Aikido is a gentle martial art. Its peaceful ethos is reflected in its techniques, which neutralise aggression without harm to the attacker. It does not use strength, aggression, kicks or punches but is nevertheless highly effective.

AikidoFlow is the only true Aikido and Aikijujutsu club in North West London. Check out more about us on this website and get a flavour for the club through our YouTube videos.

Among the benefits of attending regular Aikido classes are:

Fitness. Aikido involves lots of whole-body movement. It will train your cardiovascular system and endurance, as well as core strength, grip, and overall fitness.
Confidence. Knowing how the joints of the body work, and having experience of how to use this knowledge to keep harmful people at bay, gives you a sense of confidence in your abilities.
Balance. In every sense of the word, Aikido develops balance. One cannot disrupt the balance of the opponent without first coming into balance oneself.
Self development. Like every true martial artist, the Aikidoka (practitioner) learns that the real enemy to progress in the art is one’s own ego.


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