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The B.A.S.E. Series © was launched on 28th October 2012 by B.A.S.E. Fitness to provide a rounded series of sessions to help get people back into fitness, lose weight & burn fat, get the fit fitter, educate and teach correct technique

B.A.S.E. Camp
This is a military style functional fitness training session using improvised equipment and working solo, in pairs or as teams. During this session I deliver training that focuses on increasing your work capacity level, muscular endurance and mental toughness. This is a great session for weight loss and conditioning.

Bodyweight Conditioning
This is a back to basics bodyweight conditioning session using minimal or no equipment. Learn how to get phenomenal results using your bodyweight. This type of training focuses on total body strength.

High Intensity Interval Training. A short intense lung buster session that gets results. anaerobic interval training. A great session for weight loss and cardiovascular conditioning.

The B.A.S.E. Series © takes you back to the basics of training using bodyweight exercises, improvised equipment and high intensity interval sessions. You will soon see weight loss, body-fat disintergrate, cardiovascular fitness rocket and your strength conditioning reach new levels.

The Benefits:
Decrease body-fat %
Weight loss
Nutrition advice
Increased cardiovascular conditioning
Increased total body strength
Increase your body’s range of motion
Increased agility
Increased coordination
Increased balance
Prevent injury through muscular conditioning
You WILL NOT lose muscle size or density!
Suitable for all abilities, men and women

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