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Boom Tunez Music Workshops provide bespoke music workshops to primary schools and extended services in the north of England

The Boom Tunez Music Workshops are fun, energetic, high pupil participation sessions that all children and staff can interact with. The workshops offer benefit in more ways than one, creating a hands-on environment for all taking part.

With the unique use of bright, colourful, tuned plastic tubes known as Boomwhackers®, these workshops enforce learning by embracing music through excellence and enjoyment.

Facilitated by an experienced musician and workshop leader, these sessions prove to be highly interactive, fun and humorous workshops.

This worthwhile experience uses a kinaesthetic approach to learning, by making use of both the Boomwhackers® and the human body.

Every participant has a role to play in these workshops, and all experience great benefit in developing both their motor and cognitive skills.

The primary aim of this series of workshops, is to allow pupils to gain a deeper understanding of the theory of music without realising it - by having fun.

These workshops are offered to Primary Schools, After School Clubs and similar organisations. They can be delivered as a complement to their learning in the subject of music, or simply as an active, fun educational session to relieve the staff for a period of time.

See the website for further information and a video displaying samples of the workshops.

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