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CDE was formed to promote the work of Anna Halprin
City Dance, performed throughout the city of San Francisco on July 24, 1977, was choreographed by Anna Halprin and was performed by her dance company, her students and by the citizens of San Francisco. City Dance transformed the entire city into a conceptual stage.

On August 13, 2011, Taira Restar (USA), artist, educator and close associate of and performer with performer with Anna Halprin and Audicia Lynne Morley (Scotland), dancer, choreographer and artistic director of State Theta Galleries will direct the Scottish premiere of City Dance at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe, the world’s largest arts festival.

Like the original City Dance, the August 2011 performance will claim the entire city of Edinburgh as a found stage and it’s residents' activities will be found choreography. It will take place in several locations throughout the city with scored enactments happening in various locations simultaneously. Additionally, the pathway that links the locations will be part of the performance.

A hallmark of Anna Halprin’s approach is task-oriented movement such as walking, standing, facing and carrying. City Dance will feature these types of daily life movements, which will make it accessible to any pedestrian who is interested in spontaneously participating in the performance..

City Dance Edinburgh has been formed By Taira Restar, Audicia Lynne Morley & Kate Craig

To build the possibility for creative dialogue and exploration across the globe (between America and Scotland).
Enable the evolution of the arts, performance, collective creativity and the scoring process as developed by Anna and Laurence Halprin.
Launch the Tamalpa approach to movement, creativity and the arts in Scotland.
Create links with sponsor organizations such as Tamalpa UK.
Share and develop as artists, creators and teachers.
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Image courtesy of the Anna Halprin archive

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