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Although our agency is founded in 2018, our marketing roots go back to 2009. Ashish Bedi is a founder of DriftRankSeo, learned online marketing by luck. After passing out as an IT graduate from Mumbai University in 2008. He tried his hand in software programming which lasted for 6 months. After programming, he tried his hand in online market research for 1 year & that was the point where magic happened. One of the colleagues sitting beside in his office bay was working as an SEO team Lead. He was the one who introduced Ashish Bedi with SEO (online marketing) & how it works. After taking 3 months of training under him sitting extra hours in office he got basic idea of online marketing.

He gave an interview for Resultrix which is a Digital Marketing agency where he learnt how to handle clients across different industries, handling team, co-coordinating with clients in terms meeting goals, keeping them updated what’s happening & so on.

He was a part of online marketing team of different brands like Rediff.com, Bajaao.com, Dhflinsurance.com, Nectarsleep.com for more than 8 years. He’s career ranges from being in an in-house team to handling clients.

Working across with different team in different companies. He developed his own team which includes Web developers, Business developers, Designers, Content writers & internet marketers.

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