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Gra na Rince is pronounced ‘graw na rinka’ and means 'love the dance' in Irish - something which we hope you or your child will do from your very first class.

Irish dancing is a beautiful art form with both traditional and modern aspects, and one which is constantly growing and evolving. No matter how long you have been dancing, there will always be something new to learn!

It is an excellent form of exercise and promotes a healthy lifestyle, with dancers developing cardiovascular fitness, balance, posture, strength and coordination. Irish dancing also teaches discipline, teamwork, and time management skills.

The Gra na Rince school will introduce your child to the world of Irish dancing in a fun, supportive and challenging environment geared towards achieving each individual’s personal best. Our first aim is to ensure that each dancer loves the dance, looks forward to class and makes new friends – all while working hard to achieve their dance goals.

Dancers will have the chance to take part in competitions and grade exams which, while not compulsory, provide a target to work towards and are an excellent opportunity to receive feedback from judges – as well as dress up, show off, and win prizes!

Classes are available for both children (age 4+) and adults in South Birmingham and North Worcestershire. New dancers - both beginners and returning dancers alike - are always welcome!

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