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Author of "Are you a Mind Hopper?", "When the White Horse Speaks" and "Don't lose heart", the Happiness Coach, Chanti Cleland is recognised as one of the most empowered, positive and solution orientated women in the UK.

After a difficult childhood, losing her job, her mother and family and friends, and a serious car accident, Chanti found herself having to rebuild her life. "I had no idea where the next penny was going to come from, or if we were going to have enough to eat let alone pay the bills. The present and the future was bleak and I am not ashamed to admit that I was incredibly frightened!"

Determined to change her life, Chanti achieved what many thought impossible, a 7 step programme to simply Being Happy from the Inside Out - an incredible life transformation!

Today Chanti thrives on helping others, from personal coaching to motivational speaking.

Chanti's amazing energy and positivity, coupled with her practical life transforming techniques has infiltrated the lives of so many women, with wonderful results both at home and in the workplace.

She has a remarkable and uplifting impact on the people she comes into contact with and has been fortunate enough to work with some fantastic people.

Chanti will show you, clearly and simply how to get your life back on track and to find the happiness and success you deserve!

So What about YOU?

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To live a happy and healthy life
To enjoy self confidence and inner peace
To have financial freedom
To fulfil your desired dreams
To be successful
To be in a wonderful loving relationship
To find your passion in life
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