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‘Making Reality, Virtually’

Virtual Reality Human Resource is an upcoming web based Human Resource facility.It integrates modern technology alongside the recent developments within telecommunications to provide the perfect user friendly, cost efficient and green solution for the future of HR.

Thanks to an automated infrastructure built in to the database design, once the user has entered their details while creating their account, the user friendly wizard takes that data and loads only the specific information required as the user navigates the system.

Using a simple and friendly office representation for the client and candidate to interact with, we not only provide for big businesses, we are also able to provide for all business sectors; from the smallest company to the largest of organisations.

As the interface has been designed with this in mind, we subsequently remove the need for any training of staff in the HR, Finance and Payroll environments.

Providing face to face online interviewing with a strong data management system, allows our clientele the facilities to conduct and attend interviews and the ability to manage all profile data and candidate interview logs and additional notes.

As all data is managed by the clients and the candidates we remove the need for high volumes of filing within HR departments of medium to large companies, reducing staff levels required to process and manage interviews and the bookings of rooms.

With a reduction in the human element required to maintain present HR levels. Combined with the candidate no longer needing to attend employer premises, we provide a substantial contribution to carbon savings in both the short and long term.

Using a well structured blue print; of the data management system we needed to create to manage the high volumes of date that will be travelling through our servers, we are able to account for all the features on the web domain being available on portable devices too.

In effect it allows interviews to be conducted while a person is strolling through a park or being driven in a car to an airport, all the way to people around the world being able to advertise and apply for vacancies wherever they may be.

Our web based company has created the system for the future and we believe with a growing interest, our services will save thousands, if not millions of tons of carbon contribution in the future.

We see ourselves as playing a major role in Human Resourcing online and within the office environment, with a global impact within the coming years.

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