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Subjects: Hypnotherapy
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Gillingham, Kent, United Kingdom
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A classroom-based training which surpasses the National Occupation Standards for Hypnotherapy training.

The tuition programme is conducted in a modular fashion and covers all that you need to know to begin finding success in your new profession as soon as you are qualified.

Over the ten weekend modules of the course you will become a professional hypnotherapist and hypnoanalyst, equipped to open your own practice and to help many people to make changes and discover a better life for themselves.

The specific style of teaching makes possible a rapid and profound grasp of the subject, you have great potential to build a successful and professional practice.

If you want to gain a professional qualification as a hypnotherapist, we can offer you first rate training to practitioner level via our Professional Practitioner Hypnotherapy Training.

This is the course to study if you want to go into practice, either full time or part time, as a effective, professional, qualified and self employed clinical hypnotherapist. Then if you wish, you can continue your studies with the advanced second and third year courses which include psychosexual, symbio dynamics and psychotherapy training.

During your training you will be registered automatically as a student member of APHP

Absolutely no experience is required in order to join the hypnotherapy course, we value all ages, backgrounds and academic ability.
An interview will be offered before you are considered for a position on the course, which will enable you to ask plenty of questions and make sure this is the right course for you before you register.


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