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Aigburth, United Kingdom
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We believe at Liverpool Karate-Jutsu that real change comes from within, and the most important weapon is confidence. With that, you can achieve anything.

We at Liverpool Karate-Jutsu try to promote a culture of respect for all students and teachers alike. We will also show respect to our guests, as it is an essential part of martial arts.

Liverpool Karate-Jutsu promotes a partnership between students and instructors so as to provide students with the opportunity to achieve their full potential in the study of karate-jutsu.

Liverpool Karate-Jutsu has a strong passion to preserve the past traditions of martial arts, however it is important to keep an open mind, finding innovating and dynamic methods of teaching.

As a member of C.M.A.A.*, Liverpool Karate-Jutsu will abide by the rules and regulations of our national supporting body that provides accredited courses and instructor training programme.

As a member of M.A.S.A.**, Liverpool Karate-Jutsu shares their objective to encourage nationally recognised standards in all martial arts clubs and associations to help facility providers, insurers, prospective students and parents find a professional, well administered, safe and caring environment in which people of varying needs can train.

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