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Subjects: art, ballet, Brass, ceramics, choir singing, dance ...
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Morley offers a wonderful range of inspiring and challenging courses – whether you hope to explore your interests, discover new talents, improve your confidence or learn new skills. Our courses provide fantastic opportunities to enjoy new learning, support your personal development and to gain valuable skills relevant to your employment needs. They offer great value for money. You will be able to learn in a relaxed and inclusive learning environment with experienced tutors who offer professional expertise, a wealth of knowledge and who motivate and encourage you to learn.

Here at Morley we also offer a wider learning experience – clubs, concerts, opportunities to play in an orchestra, accordion club or sing in a choir. You will also be able to enjoy some of the wonderful exhibitions in the Morley Gallery. Many of these activities reflect the important contribution Morley makes to the creative industries in London, to the arts, to opportunities to improve essential skills for life and work and to the enrichment of our local community.

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