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Rain is a break-dance Crew predominantly based in the UK; and although some of the group members have been dancing together since 2005, Rain was only formed later in the winter of 2009. We currently have members in Spain, France and the UK and the group has of a diverse ethnic mix of both male and female dancers who specialise in various art forms. Individually we perform acrobatics, power moves and technical break-dance footwork which can be choreographed and/or free styled as part of a vibrant and exciting show.

Break-dancing, which is more accurately known as Bboying, is a dynamic dance style that originated from, funk, soul and hip-hop in the early 70s in the Bronx New York. The art form is known in popular culture for dancers doing flips, head-spins and moving to the beat. Music is the reason behind what we do; and our ambitions to create a legacy and history of our own that builds on the past has already taken us to new heights.

Since 2009, Rain has been doing big things; we have competed in numerous countries including Great Britain, France, Spain, Germany, Sweden, Reunion Island, the Czech Republic and The Netherlands. We’ve worked with organisations such as Britvic, Adidas, Breaking Convention, Orange, The Olivier award winning show The Pied Piper, The Urban Music festival as well as performing at the London o2 Arena.
We hold regular classes for dancers of all ages as our way of sharing what we’ve learned with our community and our reputation as a dance group and family that stands for something more has grown locally, nationally and we hope to develop at an international level.
The group has of a diverse ethinic mix of both male and female dancers who specialise in various artforms from Painting and music production to other dance styles such as Krump, Poppin, Newstyle and House and our members have performed for organisations such Channel 4, Britvic, The Olivier award winning show The Pied Piper, Over the Edge, The Urban Music festival, The Percussionist group Physical Productions and recently Holyroller productions.

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