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NEW COURSES For Sept 2010/11
At venues across the borough you can learn a wide range of new skills, brush up on old ones or just learn for the fun and enjoyment it brings. With over 200 subjects on offer you can be sure to find something for everyone. If you want to be healthier you can choose from a selection of courses that improve well being and healthy living including yoga, badminton, complementary therapies, healthy eating and cooking courses.
For those who want to explore their creative side then there are courses including
floristry, soft furnishings, pottery and art.
A range of computer and digital-based courses can equip you with the knowledge to impress family and friends with your technology skills.
Need to brush up on maths, improve your reading and writing skills? We can help with free courses offered in a supportive and friendly environment in which to improve your skills.
Work based learning opportunities are available through the Train to Gain Scheme.
So, if your looking to update and improve skills or seeking opportunities to improve your employment and career options, then check out the course and enrolment details on or call the helpline no 0800 389 0804

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