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Uksalsafeet can teach you the secret how to become an Expert on the dance floor, from zero to hero, within a short time. You maybe the next Fred Astaire or Ginger Rogers and you don’t even know it, but you won’t find out, until you attend one of our friendly salsa dance classes.
Uksalsafeet sensational salsa lesson are apart of the world hottest social dance network. Salsa is the best social dance that has ever been invented; don’t take our word for it! Come and see for yourself. There is a salsa event happening near you in every town, city or country. You will be never bored for an exciting night out, Where ever you are or where ever you travel to home or aboard. You too come be apart of the growing network for a small introduction price.
Uksalsafeet are actively promoting salsa for everyone, not for the selected few. We just want you come along and enjoy yourself with us. Uksalsafeet offer you a warm and friendly salsa classes, Guarantying that you will have a brilliant day or evening of learning how to dance salsa whilst socializing with your new friends.
Everyone is welcome at Uksalsafeet classes, lessons, dances or parties. No matter what's your shape size, background religion status ability, young or old. It doesn’t matter if you are single or a couple. You do not need to have any dance experience, fancy clothes, and proper shoes. We don’t even care if you have two left feet. All that matters is that you come along & have a good time.
Uksalsafeet specialize in creating the prefect salsa environment. Places where you can learn salsa in a stress free atmosphere, So that you can experience all the fun and joy that Uksalsafeet salsa nights has to offer you. Making all our classes a superb way to relax, make new friends and socialize with ease. If you join today you can enjoy the friendship and warmth salsa gives you. Limited number of spaces is available.
Uksalsafeet bring you the very best of salsa dancing
The benefit of salsa dancing are widely known and appreciated. In addition to dancing being a great way of achieving physical fitness, Increases your confidence. Improve your physical fitness level. Boost your social life. Improve your co-ordination. Help you to lose weight. Increase your social network of friends, unity, great mental and physical flexibility, better reflexes, excellent social skills and mental clarity.
You may have been thinking about learning salsa? This is the perfect opportunity to start now! We run classes 5 days a week. To find you’re nearest class. Call 07961 514074, Email [email protected] , visit our website or join our Facebook group, Uksalsafeet
To find out how you can get yourself a great introduction offer email [email protected]
Salsa is more than a dance it’s an Experience. Uksalsafeet is No1 for Friendly, Fun, Warm, enjoyable salsa dance classes. Salsa dance Lessons in Wolverhampton, Willenhall, Bilston and Cannock. Come and experience it for yourselves. Remember you belong with us. Join our facebook group uksalsafeet. View us over 200 video on youtube channel uksalsafeet. Email [email protected] or even visit us at 07961 514074 Contact 07961 514074 Facebook group Uksalsafeet. WWW.UKSALSAFEET.COM [email protected]
Dance on the beat with Uksalsafeet
Salsa is more than a dance it’s an expreience

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