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Yoga Bananas™ is a child yoga teacher training company with a fun approach to yoga that nevertheless incorporates all the elements of Hatha Yoga in a form that appeals to children.

Yoga Bananas™ aims to offer parents, yoga teachers and school teachers an informed, practical and personal approach to teaching children’s yoga. The programme follows the universal yoga ethos of equipping you with the tools to create, inspire and cherish all the children that you teach. The training course aims to open in you an awareness of your own gifts and strengths and potentialities. It aims to help you grow as a person by guiding you to understand a deeper connection with your own inner child and the children that you come into contact with. Each course is attended by only 3 participants at a time to ensure that this deeper level of awareness and creativity can be brought to the foreground.

Yoga Bananas™ has been established since 1999. Yoga Bananas™ is the brainchild of Vicky 'Skip' Oliver RYT500, mother of three boys and yoga specialist. Yoga Bananas has taught over 400 people in small groups and aims to offer the highest standard of traning and support.
The emphasis of Yoga Bananas™, in the classes and training courses, is on offering children and their mentors an insight into the power of self-motivation, self-care and self-knowledge. The exercises aim to promote in children a healthy awareness of the body and the mind that will be instilled within their lives for many years to come.

The Yoga Bananas™ Teacher Training courses have been formatted to cover all aspects of teaching children’s yoga including breathing, meditation, story telling, relaxation, visualisation and discipline. But a manual can only ever offer you a foundational knowledge. Your own experience of teaching children will guide you to a deeper understanding of children’s needs and a more fulfilling concept of the equality and respect that children and their mentors/parents should exercise towards each other. Your commitment and willingness to view life through the eyes of a child will secure you this understanding. It will make parents, yoga teachers and schoolteachers aware of the wonderful benefits of yoga as they see how your approach allows a child self-exploration in a safe and nurturing environment, irrespective of age and experience.

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