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Private Guitar Instructor

With more than 15 years experience as a guitar instructor, session guitarist and song writer Alex Rech is offering you the opportunity to join his group of quality rock guitar students. Alex is a well known independent Brazilian artist who three years ago migrated to Scottish territory to continue and expand his musical career.


The guitar lessons are custom tailored for all difficulty levels and ages. Some of the subjects covered during the course are:

• All your favorite songs from your favorite artists.
• Any rock guitar licks & riffs.
• All the rock guitar techniques (Power Chords, Hammer-Ons x Pull-Offs, Tapping Legato, Pinch Harmonic, Palm Mute, Bending, Vibrato, Pick fingering, Blues Rock Licks, etc)
• Basics (Ear Training x Tuning, Tempo x Metronome, Scales/Arpeggios/Chords)
• Posture (Left Hand x Fingering, Right Hand x Alternate/Sweep Picking)
• Songwriting (Tonality x Modality, Arranging, Scoring, etc)
• Theory and Sight Reading.
• Improvising (Tonal x Modal, tracks to play along, The Blues) and more.


• Nice neighborhood close to Haymarket Train Station.
• Easy access with Lothian buses number 2, 3, 3A, 4, 44, 25 and 33.
• Car parking area.
• Bicycle shed.

If for any reason you still cannot get to his place you have the option of taking lessons online using Skype.
Alex also does music scoring (copyright your own songs or transcribe songs/riffs/licks you would like to learn). For more detailed info about lessons/workshop/transcriptions/online lessons via Skype send an email to [email protected].

£20 an hour session including tablatures/standard music notation sheets and CD's with songs/exercises/backing tracks.

*Check out Alex’s videos on

Alex released two albums back in Brazil (Circuito de Rock/2005 and Instinto Mor - Caçadores de Emoçao/2006) and since he moved to Edinburgh he has been playing his solo act and with his hard'n'heavy rock band DRILLER (

For more info and to buy Alex’s tunes visit: -


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