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Positive Start

The Positive Start Training Program is our first level training to one day becoming a Black Belt Leader. Teaching the student the basic concepts of the martial arts disciplines, it is our self defence and physical conditioning program, designed to prepare a student for the commitment of Black Belt Leadership Training.

Black Belt Diploma

The Black Belt Diploma Training Program is our second entry level program, designed for a student with previous martial arts knowledge. The program will prepare a student for the commitment of Black Belt Leadership Training, teaching and enhancing the student with basic concepts and knowledge of our martial arts disciplines.

Black Belt Leadership

The Black Belt Leadership Training Program is our advanced level training in order for a student to earn the rank of Black Belt and become a Black Belt Leader. Three main concepts are applied to this program, Belief, Challenge and Commitment. The program teaches the student the concepts of the martial arts whilst following a Leadership Life Skill Curriculum. The Black Belt Leadership Training Program can provide the correct level of challenge for a student regardless of his physical age or mental maturity. Taking special care to make sure a student stays on course for becoming one of our Black Belt Leaders.

It is a core belief of Chief Master Blinston that anyone can earn a Black Belt and become a leader with our Instructors guidance.

Instructor Scholarship Training

The Scholarship Training Program is designed for students who have made the commitment and dedication to make martial arts their chosen profession. With training, supervision and guidance on and off the floor. The dedicated students will learn, understand and demonstrate the required skills and disciplines to substain a successful structure and organisation within one of our martial arts schools.

Private Tuition

The benefit of private tuition is to allow the student and Instructor to work together on a one to one level. The program concentrates on personal goal setting, confidence building, perseverance and motivation. The Instructor gives the student or students the personal time and dedication to concentrate on all aspects of the martial arts and a life skill curriculum.


The Self-Defence Program is designed to encourage the student or students to master and understand basic self-defence techniques, blocks and combinations. The non martial arts program enables the student to successfully deal with everyday situations in today’s society. The Self-Defence Program concentrates on self-confidence, confrontation, co ordination and motivation.

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