I'm Gerard O'Donovan, founder and CEO of Noble-Manhattan, Inc., the U.K.'s premier and longest established professional coaching and coach training organization.

Have you ever wished you could perform better...enjoy life more...get more out of your relationships...?

Are you aching to coax out the "superstar" inside you?

Then you won't want to miss this information.

During my earlier years in the Royal Marines, and later as a financial advisor, I was privileged to uncover incredible strategies and techniques for achieving professional and personal fulfillment. Seventeen years ago, Noble-Manhattan, Inc. was born and, since then, we have helped more than ten thousand individuals learn how to achieve their own sense of harmony, balance and success in life and work.

As recently as ten years ago, the idea of coaching was dismissed as unnecessary. Today, the stress of our digital world and the nature of global business has turned coaching into a multi-million dollar enterprise, taken very seriously by some of the world's most influential corporations.

What skills can you learn or improve upon with professional coaching?

• Managing your stress
• Doing more with your time
• Evaluating your abilities
• Setting goals
• Accomplishing achievements
• Learning effectively
• Enjoying long term benefits
• Achieving higher productivity at lower costs
• Benefitting better interpersonal relations
• Participating in more effective team work
• Becoming a more efficient manager
• Understanding appropriate problem-solving
• Improving your marketing skills
• Creating more professional, friendlier public relations

As CEO of Noble-Manhattan, Inc. I have had the unique opportunity to demonstrate these penetrating insights and practical wisdom through various world speaking engagements, where many have shown intense interest in understanding their roles in business development, corporate management and interpersonal communications. My continuous goal is to take these theories out of the textbook and apply them in a practical way, using examples from real-life experience, combined with progressive educational materials, to offer clients a well-rounded approach to achieving their goals and dreams.

At Noble-Manhattan Inc., our motto is "Fortune Favours the Prepared Mind". When we work closely with you, our mission is ultra-simple - to guide you on your quest to live your best life.

If you feel stuck, disorganized, unfulfilled or overwhelmed...

...please e-mail me for more information at: [email protected]

PUBLICATIONS by Gerard O'Donovan

Co-author of 'The Thirty Minute Life Coach', fascinating and entertaining insights into the world of life coaching in Britain.

Co-author of 'Good Question!', the ultimate book of life-enhancing coaching questions.

Author of the highly acclaimed Life Design Programme, incorporating the following courses and audio tape series:

• Goal Achievement
• Time Management
• Accelerated Learning
• Directing the Subconscious to Achieve Success
• Positive Attitude - A Way of Life
• Creating Unlimited Wealth
• The Need for a Mentor
• Dynamic Communication and Presentation Skills
• Ten Natural Laws of Success and Achievement


• Renowned Public Speaker
• Expert in Accelerated Learning Techniques
• Skilled in Neuro-Linguistic Programming
• Accomplished Personal and Professional Coach

Positions Currently Held

CEO, The Noble Manhattan Group: http://www.noble-manhattan.com

CEO, The European Coaching Institute: http://www.europeancoachinginstitute.com

CEO, The Noble Foundation: http://www.noble-foundation.com

CEO, Business For Coaches: http://www.businessforcoaches.com

CEO, The Meaningful Change Programme: http://www.meaningful-change.co.uk

CEO, Gerard O'Donovan Coaching: http://www.gerardodonovan.com

Founder and MD Westminster Indemnity Insurance: http://www.westminsterindemnity.co.uk

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