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maggie richards | Member since February 2011 | Bond Street area, United Kingdom

I help people find inner peace in daily life.

This I do primarily through meditation and Dr Peter Levine's Somatic Experiencing body psychotherapy. One is ancient; the other very new.

In working with me you can learn to:

* relax, slow down and quieten the mind
* know yourself better - your hidden strengths and qualities
* strengthen your body's natural self-healing wisdom
* understand and cope with difficult experiences/feelings in a safe, empowering way
* find and maintain inner calm in daily life
* advance your awareness.

My work is fundamentally about aliveness, about inviting blocked parts of yourself to move so that the real you can at last express itself. When we're our natural self, life looks very different; it's simple. There is no problem - just an expansive presence.

I see my approach less as therapy than a training in being human (since we don't come with a user's guide); how to shape life rather be be shaped by it.

I see clients in the West End (behind Selfridges), Monday to Friday and in East Dulwich SE22. You're also welcome to join my monthly yoga and mediation workshop in East Dulwich.

For more details, please see my website, and I'm happy to answer your questions directly.

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