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scrapbook iconUs Now

The trailer for Us Now.

scrapbook iconMIT lecture about neuroeconomics

I love that you can get the lectures from top universities for free online now. Here's a great one about neuroeconomics from MIT:


scrapbook iconHow to scan QR barcodes on a Nokia N95

I've been really getting into QR 2D barcodes recently. Here's a link to a Youtube video explaining how to scan them on a Nokia N95:


scrapbook iconGreat BBC R4 documentary about neuroeconomics

I listened to this great documentary by Tim Harford about neuroeconomics last night and now want to know more:


scrapbook iconTrying out

I'm a complete beginner at guitar and not sure I'm ready to expose my uselessness to a real live teacher so I've been trying out to see how much I can learn on my own.


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