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Adobe InDesign CS5 Introduction LEEDS

Oh no, you missed it.

This event has now finished.


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113 2645287
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8 July 2010

Day one

1. The InDesign Interface

Creating, saving and navigating documents

Understanding the work area

2. Importing Text

How to import text and flow it through a document

3. Styles

Object, paragraph and character styles

How they work and how to use them

4. Transparency

Learn how to colourise images and add transparency to imported graphics

5. Transforming Objects

Learn how to scale and transform objects in InDesign

6. Setting up

Understand how to set up your document with guides

7. Typography

Learn how to work with type and add special features

How to use tracking and kerning, drop caps and pull quotes
Day 2

1. Graphics

Using Photoshop and InDesign and Illustrator

How to import graphics

2. Master Pages

Learn how to use master pages to speed up your workflow

3. Table of Contents

Create a TOC complete with hyperlinks

4. Frames

Learn about frames and how they work for images and text

5. Colour

How to use the swatches palette and how to apply colours to objects, learn about the stroke and fill of text

6. Tables

Creation of tables and how to format them and insert graphics and text

7. PDF Exporting

Export a PDF for the web or for print, complete with password protection for security, learn about preflighting

8. Further techniques

Keyboard shortcuts, file formats, Q and A

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SUBJECTS: Adobe InDesign CS5

Photoshop CS5 Introduction

Oh no, you missed it.

This event has now finished.


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0113 2645287
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Photoshop CS5 Introduction

Using the main features and techniques of Photoshop CS5 in this hands on session you will learn the following:-

Day one

1. The Photoshop interface

2. Creating, saving and navigating documents

3. Using Adobe Bridge

4. Using colours

5. How to choose a colour and use it in a composition

6. Type and text

How to add text to a Photoshop document and type
on a path

7. Image sizing

Learn how to resize and crop your images

8. Photoshop actions

Learn how to automate your workflow using actions

9. Making selections

Understand how to make, transform and save a selection from an image

10. Retouching

Learn how to use the various retouching tools to enhance your images, and how to remove the background from an image

Day 2

1. Layer styles

Exploit the power of layer styles to add exciting
design effects

2. Correction of tone and colour

Learn how to use levels and curves to correct colour

3 Photoshop creations

Create a simple animation, a web photo gallery and a PDF presentation

4. Using brushes

Loading and using brushes and making your own

5. Using layers

How to creatively use layers in Photoshop

Learn about adjustment layers and quick masks

6. Shapes

Creation of vector shapes and fill layers

7. Using the filters

Learn how to creatively use the filter gallery

8. Further techniques

Keyboard shortcuts, file formats, Q and A

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SUBJECTS: Photoshop CS5

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