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Having had a number of chronic diseases ranging from nephrotic syndrome, bronchitis, social anxiety and GAS. I decided that I was going to have a liffe change and solve my own health issues.

Luckily having a background in Engineering and Systems consultancy had equipped me with an enquiring mind and methodologies to solve problems.

In 1997 I began to meditate using a little known brainwave entrainment technology, then I trained as a life coach and so began a journey into the field of change and personal transformation

Today I own two limited companies one a Health Coach training company and one Systemic Health Transformation consulting company and I get to do what I love best which is help people to transform their health, lives, relationships, careers and business by sharing what I've learned and number of unique innovations in mind-body medicine and integrative health coaching and therapy.

My qualifications include but are not limited to

AAMET EFT Master Trainer
IMMA META-Health Co-Founder, Developer and Master Trainer of Trainers
MHA META-Kinetics Creator and Master Trainer
Access Consciousness Facilitator
Spiral Dynamics Practitioner
Matrix Energetics Practitioner
ABNLP Master Practitioner
ENLP Practitioner
BWRT Practitioner

Looking for: networking, collaboration and interesting things.

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Solihull, United Kingdom

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