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The core foundation of JUN FAN JEET KUNE DO are derived from Wing Chun (such as center line control, vertical punching, trapping, and forward pressure).

Through his research, Lee incorporated the fluidity of European boxing and fencing stances.

Lee stated that they allowed him to "flow" rather than being stuck in stances.

For instance, instead of using footwork to position the body for maximum fighting position versus the opponent, Bruce Lee used flowing "entries" that do not require "bridges" from Wing Chun. Bruce Lee wanted to create a martial art that was unbounded and free.

Later during the development of Jeet Kune Do, he would expand that notion and include the art for personal development, not just to become a better fighter.

To illustrate Lee's views, in a 1971 Black Belt Magazine article, Lee said "Let it be understood once and for all that I have NOT invented a new style, composite or modification. I have in no way set Jeet Kune Do within a distinct form governed by laws that distinguish it from 'this' style or 'that' method. On the contrary, I hope to free my comrades from bondage to styles, patterns and doctrines."

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