andrew georges

Languages tutor

Based in
Guangzhou, China
andrew georges | Languages tutor

Rates: according to group size

Make an enquiry Phone: 136 6066 4814

Our method is communicative. we focus on what you can actually DO in the target language, on how you actually USE it and SPEAK it, not on test scores.
You will learn the target language the same way you learned your mother tongue

Because it appeals to all senses: auditory, visual, kinesthetic, retention is high.

we communicate using the target language only, just like you were in the foreign country.

I will take you through the natural stages of learning: discovery, recognition, production. Just like you learnt your mother tongue. Their role is to draw the language out of you, just like your mother did.

after only 10 hours, you can already DO many things in the target language: ask for directions, order a meal, talk about yourself and about your hobbies, etc.


Aimed at: Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced.


We are for flexibility, but to learn a language, a minimum of discipline is required.
we want students to make one-month commitment.

Make an enquiry Phone: 136 6066 4814

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