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City and Borough of Sheffield, Sheffield, United Kingdom
Also teaches in Barnsley, Doncaster, Leeds, Rotherham and Huddersfield, Sheffield, Wakefield
Carl Dundas | Spanish German French Italian Maths tutor

Rates: From £15 - £18 per hour

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Welcome to Lingua Genesis Ltd

LG Ltd is a provider of translations, private one-to-one and class tuition, and of free independent language learning products for German, EFL, Spanish, French and Italian.

Please feel free to view the website at or see our YouTube videos as a testimony of the work we have undertaken. I have tried to keep this shorten this write-up, only parts of which may be of interest. However, I speak about what I do, my experience, the company guidelines and past / present students.

There is also a link below which leads onto a multiple-part monologue in which I talk about my own language learning and the pros and cons of mainstream MFL learning. This was released in December 2009.

About me and Lingua Genesis Ltd

I am an easy-going 27-year old teacher of modern foreign languages and self-taught linguist in five foreign languages. I teach German, Spanish, maths, Italian, English as a Foreign Language and French.

I am very a motivated and determined in teaching my specialist subjects, which includes languages at all levels, in which I have ample experience, and also mathematics, all subjects to A-level, to a wide age range (7 - 84 years) and within numerous learning scenarios (schools, homes, colleges, business environments).

I usually travel to the tutee and for no extra cost towards travel expenses. All my resources and long-distance learning products are free of charge.

If you are interested in adult classes or children's clubs in Barnsley, one-to-one Spanish tuition in Sheffield, German in Wakefield or Italian at Leeds, or even intensive language training in South or West Yorkshire (any combination of language and place of study), do please feel free to contact me.

Qualifications and Experience

I gained a Joint Degree in German and Spanish (with Honours) from the University of Leicester in 2004. This featured a distinction for spoken German and Spanish.

Thereafter, in 2005, I achieved a pass with distinction in my Post-Compulsory Education and Training Degree from the University of Huddersfield.

I also completed an intense introduction into neuro-linguistic programming, i.e. how to effectively model the behaviours of successful language learners, with Dr. Paul Peace in January 2008.

I am highly experienced in delivering extremely effective tuition, using a mix of traditional and highly innovative modern foreign language tuition strategies to primary school aged children, pupils in secondary education, A-level students, adult learners, married / unmarried couples, immediate families, senior citizens and junior / senior business employees. I started out as a student tutor as early as 1999, helping GCSE students of German and Spanish to prepare for their GCSE examinations.

I have also taught German in the following businesses, e.g. LNS Turbo (Wombwell), Noveon (Carlton, Barnsley) and SIG Trading Ltd (Sheffield), delivered Spanish tuition to employees of the 02 mobile telephone company in Leeds and am currently tutoring to employees of the wine company, J. García Carrion, which is housed in Prospect House, also in Leeds. I also tutor English as a Foreign Language to a freelance journalist and a former communications adviser in the health sector, in addition to the gentleman's wife, who is a senior director of Coca Cola Enterprises, based in Wakefield.

In addition to this, I have taught in further education, working under Protocol Professional at the Park Lane College in Leeds (2005-06), teaching GCSE pupils and AS-level students in German. I was called back by Park Lane in February 2009 to teach a beginners course in German at the Logik Centre to individuals who study at or are employed by the University of Leeds. In June 2009, I undertook supply work in Spanish for three weeks at Tapton School near Sheffield, prior to returning to the University of Leeds to deliver another course in September 2009. As of the autumn of 2009, I teach beginners level Spanish at Hillsborough College, Sheffield.

Otherwise, I teach small groups or immediate families, which has proven to be a very rewarding experience. Many children are encouraged to learn when they gently pit their wits and knowledge against that of their parents and siblings.


I currently charge a middle-of-the-road rate of between £15 and £17.50 per hour per person, although this rate is proportionally reduced as the number of people in the session increases. The fee which is quoted in any case covers stationary, materials, teaching, travel time, petrol expenses, online support for sending additional learning resources, long-term and free-of-charge independent learning resources, accommodations for rearrangements, and accountancy logs, etc.


While I am currently available at only certain times during the week, my associates may be available at times when I am not, so do please feel to make contact about availability in any case and I will respond as soon as possible, usually within 24 hours.

I have taught and will teach to primary school children, GCSE pupils, A-level students, adult learners, full families, senior citizens and any business employees / employers.

Children's Clubs (see website for more details)

I also offer opportunities for youngsters and grown-ups to attend children's clubs and adult classes respectively. See website for more details.

Lingua Genesis Ltd reserves clients the right to view a valid CRB check and on occasions request that another be issued at any appropriate time in the future, as and when it is needed.

Personal Advice

My personal message to students is that they never be put off from learning a language, or even believing that you have the ability to master one, just because you might have lost faith as a result of previous bad experiences.

Enjoy your learning, study independently for at least 15 minutes per day, or as often as possible, and expose yourself to as many methods and resources as possible. Variety is the spice of life and the key to success where language learning is concerned.

Group Classes

Adult learner classes

We currently hold fifteen classes in the five subjects mentioned for adult learners (you must be at least 14 years of age to join), at different levels. Please send a message for more details.

These have currently ended by will be taking place again after the Easter Holidays 2012.

It's a: 
City Centre
Sheffield, Yorkshire, United Kingdom
Date and time: 
Tuesdays or Thursdays: 6.30 - 8.30 pm
£30 per month


Aimed at: Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced.
Online teaching offered


I am in possession of a legitimate limited business with an e-mail disclaimer and also hold a valid CRB check, most recently re-issued in 2009. I do not charge minimal amounts for cancellations, depending upon the degree of notice, if within 24 hours of an appointment, although full renumeration is required from anyone who arranges an appointment and is a no-show.

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