Colin Eveleigh

Mindful Awareness of Stress teacher

Based in
Petersfield, Hampshire, United Kingdom
Also teaches in Local and would consider travelling
Colin Eveleigh | Mindful Awareness of Stress teacher

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Make an enquiry Phone: 44 (0)1730 267299

My name is Colin Eveleigh, and I'm a psychologist registered and accredited with the BPS and BABCP, specialising in Mindfulness-based Psychotherapy. I work with people who want to learn to be more Mindful, and I have my private practice here in Petersfield, Hampshire UK. Wherever you are located in the world - it doesn't matter - because as well as seeing people directly face-to-face here, I can also work with you online through Skype or FaceTime, email and of course the phone.

Your needs may be work-related in the form of personal or career development, or you may have issues concerning private and general life, which may benefit from Mindfulness-based psychotherapy. Either way, my aim through this Everyday Mindfulness site is
to inspire others to live, appreciate and accept the reality of their own life just as it is - in all its changing challenging moods and facets.

Group Classes

Mindful Awareness of Stress ~ The 2 Day Course

The 2 Day Mindful Awareness of Stress course is ideal for busy people who find it hard to make time for themselves. Based on MBSR (Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction) as originated by Jon Kabat-Zinn, and my own experience gained over the past 10 years. Mindful meditation is a way of being aware of the present moment - all your thoughts, feelings and sensations (objects of mind) - as they arise, change and pass by, noticing, observing and witnessing, without getting swept away by them. So you 'see' your thoughts rather than having to 'be' them. The helpful by-product of this Mindful awareness is a resting, settling and calming of the mind.

The course is free of any religious content and takes you through what Mindfulness is and what it's not, and we discover how we can become more Mindful through formal meditation practice and, in addition, the practice of becoming Mindful in everyday life. Participants are introduced to different meditation and real-life practices, and for homework during the two week gap and beyond, people are invited to do these practices by listening to guided recordings, keeping a reflective journal and doing the recommended reading. There is also a chance to check in with me for a 30 minute supportive telephone converstaion midway through the course. When you come to the course, if you wish, you can benefit by sharing with others your direct experiences of the practices, and your progress in becoming more Mindful. The idea is that we sample a whole range of practices, and teachings and find out which ones we find most helpful so that we can develop our own practice of Mindfulness and continue to practice after the course. The course is great for becoming aware of the unhelpful ways in which we add to our stress and suffering. Being aware of this helps us to become more Patient, Open-Minded, Trusting, Non-Striving, Accepting, Letting Go and Non-Judging. People gain a great deal by learning this Mindful awareness, about how to lead a less stressful life, and it would be wonderful if you could join us. Participants are invited to bring a contribution to a shared lunch. If you want to talk over anything concerning the course, or discuss an interest you may have in one-to-one development, please feel free to get in touch or go to for more information.

It's a: 
High Street, Hants, United Kingdom
Date and time: 
Petersfield monthly over 2 weekends Saturdays or Sundays 9.00 - 4.30 (1 Day/2 Week gap/1 Day)
£150 inclusive


Aimed at: Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced.
Online teaching offered


There are many resources to help you learn to be more Mindful on my website, and they are all FREE!

Make an enquiry Phone: 44 (0)1730 267299

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