colin o connor

Combat / Self Defence instructor

Based in
Uxbridge, United Kingdom
Also teaches in London & all over the world
colin o connor | Combat / Self Defence instructor

Rates: £6.00 for first class, £99.00 beginners package there after 10 sessions and insurance package included

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Ex military with extensive boxing and kickboxing experience. I have been a former Commando krav maga instructor and am now a urban krav maga instructor. Our classes are fun and varied, The training is for street self defense and not for the dojo.

Your fitness levels will jump through the roof and you can expect to get hooked on our system very quickly. Here is a little bit about our system.

The founders of Urban Krav Maga can draw on many years of experience in the following fighting systems as well as various styles of Krav Maga: Karate; Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Traditional Jiu Jitsu, Aikido, Boxing, Muay Thai, Tae Kwan Do and MMA.

We continued training in some of these systems after we became instructors in various Israeli fighting systems.This training continued to inform our teaching and this, along with our real world experience led us to adapt and modify techniques, combining the education we had gained in the Israeli systems with that from other systems we'd experienced - we did this that which we we believe to be the original and true spirit of Krav Maga (hence why we maintain the name). We found that these modified and innovative techniques were working well for our students - this was the beginning of Urban Krav Maga.
Our aim is to equip the student as soon as possible to defend themselves against the most common attacks. Once the student has mastered these techniques more difficult scenarios are addressed to build a support system that will enable the student to deal with almost any situation. By teaching concepts through techniques students are taught how to read a situation and react/respond accordingly, even if they've not experienced the exact same thing in training. Giving students the ability to improvise is an important element of our training. Awareness, avoidance and pre-emption are placed high in order of priority - but we recognize that you can't always avoid or run away from problems so we teach everything that is needed for self defence when it's necessary in all environments, including highly confined, crowded spaces like chip shops. "Chip Shop Krav Maga" was our working title for the new system but we thought it may look a little odd on a t-shirt and not translate well for those countries that call a chip a crisp...

Group Classes

Urban Krav Maga

If you have ever felt like you could not control a situation that was developing around you, then this is a great system too learn. Starter packages start every week and for only $99-00 you can learn too safely defend yourself.

It's a: 
All over London
, Uxbridge, United Kingdom
Date and time: 
Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursday,s various locations all classes start at 19.30 - 21.00
£6.00 taster session

Urban Krav Maga

Wear normal training clothes and bring water with you. Please wear a smile

It's a: 
Ruislip golf club
Ickenham Road, Ruislip, HA4 7DQ., United Kingdom
Date and time: 
Monday's 19.30 -21.00
£10.00 drop in or on beginners package or monthly direct debit


Aimed at: Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced.


beginners package must be completed within ten weeks.

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