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Dil Green | Architecture - design and practice practitioner

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I am a professional architect, running my own design focused practice for the last decade.
I am keen to support students working toward their Part II qualification. I feel I have a great deal to offer that is perhaps not always available in university courses today: a practical approach, rooted in a love and understanding of construction and materials, married to an intense determination to make beautiful and sustainable buildings - valuing theoretical investigations for what they can tell us about real-world decisions.
My formal architectural education was loose, and rather weak, but I was fortunate to find a great teacher, whose example inspired me to find my own answer to the question; "What is an architect?"
As far as I can tell, from having employed a variety of assistants who have been studying architecture at various universities, architectural education has all but disappeared up its own fundament, and produces students whom it has failed in almost all respects to fit for a life in architecture, on top of saddling them with the largest debts of any subject.
From feedback from various students who have worked with the practice over the years, I feel confident that I can offer an architectural education which is wider, deeper, better founded and more useful than the majority of architecture schools.
Additionally, I believe that my approach will help you be significantly more employable.
However, this approach is not for the faint-hearted, or uncommitted.
I am deadly serious (that doesn't mean without humour!). Students working with me would be expected to be working towards the RIBA Examination for Office-based candidates: http://www.architecture.com/EducationAndCareers/BecomingAnArchitect/Alternativeroutestoqualification.aspx - an alternative route towards qualification that doesn't involve going to uni, but does involve a great deal of hard work!


Aimed at: Intermediate and Advanced.


As hinted at above, this offer is only for highly motivated candidates with some evidence of aptitude.
A trial period would be involved.
Employment would be on a contract basis, at low rates (on the other hand, you won't be building up a student debt!)

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