Glen Pelham-Mather

Tai Chi instructor

Based in
Candolim, India
Also teaches in Europe, India, UK
Glen Pelham-Mather | Tai Chi instructor

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Glen teaches authentic Yang Style Tai Chi Chuan Slow Form, Push Hands, San Sou, Kwai Taiji (Fast Tai Chi), Chinese Broadsword, Straight Sword , Martial applications and Chinese Full Contact Boxing. He believes the practice of an internal martial art and understanding the use of soft energy is essential should you wish to participate in competitive contact sparring and that this actually compliments these more high impact and cardiovascular pursuits. Glen also states that the health benefits of practising Tai Chi Chuan far outway the martial prowness that develops naturally over time studying this profound art.

This art has been passed down from Prof. Cheng Man-Ching to Tan Ching Ngee to Sifu Nigel Sutton (Glens teacher) meaning Glen is a third generation Yang Style Disciple and qualified Master Instructor of Tai Chi Chuan through the Zhong Ding Traditional Chinese Martial Arts Association based in Malaysia and Europe.

Glen continues teaching courses across Europe and India, sharing his invaluable expertise in the Martial aspects of Tai Chi, coupled with awareness of the art for health, relaxation, stress reduction and well-being. Tailor-made fitness programs for the complete beginner to the athlete and/or film star, improving and developing ways to train the mind, body and soul to achieve the serenity and peace of mind with the physical look that you’ve always wanted.

Now rewarded with the title of Master Instructor, Glen continues to explore ways of making Martial Arts more accessible for all. Combining and applying his extensive knowledge in Martial Arts and Chinese medicine on all levels (physical, emotional, mental, spiritual) not only for himself, but for all he teaches and comes into contact with. Glen is the perfect example of the extraordinary benefits and balance in all aspects of life that Tai Chi has to offer.

Glen continues his film and stunt work. Acting as a consultant to gyms and individuals he has created a NEW style of cardiovascular and specific muscular fitness training which gives fast and effective results. Plus a NEW Tai Chi form easily adapted for the workplace which has led to his great demand within the corporate market for team building exercises and his on-site massage skills. He has devised a complete program through fitness, diet, acupuncture and massage to combat stress in the workplace.

Glen states that his passion and love in life is firstly Tai Chi Chuan but his hobby and favourite past time is learning traditional Chinese Martial Arts and to promote the fantastic benefits to all that decide to take that path. Glen continues his lifelong study of Martial Arts and Chinese Medicine, combining them and taking them to new levels of expertise and development.

Intensive certificated courses are also available for those wishing to build a career in Martial Arts, stunts players and the fitness industry.

Retreats in India and Morocco for the experience of a lifetime.



Aimed at: Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced.

Make an enquiry Phone: 0091 9923944687

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