Ivo Avuski

Karate coach

Based in
Lancaster, Lancashire, United Kingdom
Also teaches in Lancaster and district

Rates: One-to-one Lessons -£ 10, More people,or a group : £5 per person

Make an enquiry Phone: 07546 299 210

I am doing Martial arts more than 20 years and I have 2 Dan black belt degree.My experience as an instructior started in 2005.I am associated and insured by the British Karate Association with the registration number (275133).Therefore I have the permission to teach and coach in the Great Britain.I have great experience in working with children and young people and also with aduts, because I worked as a doctoral student,teacher and sports coach. I have a coaching qualification from Bulgarian National Sports Academy "Vasil Levski"(One of the few Sport Universities in Europe).I have the patience and interpersonal skills to work with and train children as well as adults and I am working with classes in a fun and approachable way.

I teach following disciplines
-Shorin-Ryu – traditional self-defence system of okinawan samurai
-Kobudo- work with nunchaku,sai,tonfa and other weapons.
-Aikidjutzu techniques- throws,grapling techniques for self-defence
Also boxing techniques,Kick-box,Physical preparation, Fitness.

Lineage of Okinawan Shorin-Ryu Karate:
Sakugava-> Matsumura-> Itosu-> Chibana-> Nakazato-> Yamashita-> Pakosyan
My sensei is Levon Pakosian(7 dan) .I am partisipant in all seminars and workshops with grandmaster Tadashi Yamashita,world renown master (10 dan).

There is oportunity for members to make recognised national and international grades.
Currently I do not have my own dojo in Lancaster,but I am looking for motivated people who have passion for Martial Arts,ready to discover and create a new club.
For private lessons and more details call me on 07546 299 210 (Sensei Avuski) or find me on Facebook- Ivo Avuski.

One-to-one lessons

Educational history

Karate Coach

September, 2000 - May, 2003
National Sports Academy


Aimed at: Beginner and Advanced.

Make an enquiry Phone: 07546 299 210

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