Jeremy Carroll

Classical Japanese Martial Arts sensei

Based in
London, United Kingdom
Also teaches in Nationwide and Internationally subject to contract

Rates: £10 per lesson

Make an enquiry Phone: 07850 186 303

I have more than 25 years experience in Koryu Bujutsu/Kobudō. I travelled to Japan Aged 21 to further my study in Kobujutsu. I speak Japanese and use it in my classes so students familiarise themselves with the terms used in Classical Bujutsu training. I encourage my students to come with me to Japan and experience training there which to my mind is vital to understanding Koryu Bujutsu fully.

I lived and worked in Japan for six years whilst
training at the Imazu Budokan, Nishinomiya city, Osaka Japan.
I specialise in teaching authentic Classical Japanese Martial Arts known as Koryu Bujutsu/Kobujutsu or Kobudō.

THIS IS NOT A SPORT! These techniques are for combat and to be used in survival situations ONLY. Special forces worldwide have adopted these techniques and teach them to their operatives but there is nothing "new" about these techniques which were developed over centuries by the Bushi/warriors and Samurai class of Japan.

I teach unarmed techniques - Yawara-gi/Jujutsu,
Roku shaku Bo - six foot staff,
Hanbo - short staff/stick fighting,
Kodachi - short sword,
Tanto dori - knife defence
Iai Jutsu - Sword drawing and fighting techniques - Kumitachi.

My Classes are held every week on Tuesday and Thursday evenings in South Kensington, London at the Science Museum from 1830 - 2030. Please call me prior to attending your first lesson as access is restricted!


Aimed at: Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced.


Lessons are £10.00 per lesson. Minimum of 1 x lesson per week paid in advance by standing order.
Annual membership £55 payable on the second lesson.
There are no refunds and fees are non transferable.

Make an enquiry Phone: 07850 186 303

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