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John Hynes | guitar tutor

Rates: Teaching all of the above at very competitive rates £10 per half hour to £20 per hour.

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Based in Rushden in Northamptonshire for many years now. I have had a combination of experience over many years of performing and teaching music education. I believe that you will find the learning experience enjoyable and Fun! Because everyone is treated on a "one to one" basis people develop at their own speed, Fast or Slow.

Lessons basically start with the fundamentals, Correct Body Posture, Finger and Hand Placement, Tuning of Instruments and much more. We can also teach you many different and interesting styles of music, ranging from Classical based to Rock, Funk, Blues,Folk among others.No age limits regarding lessons. We feel that it is important to encourage and empower young people as their minds are like sponges and soak up information much quicker. If you should have any further questions about our services and availability at the present time simply email us and we will get back to you as soon as possible. Leave your telephone number or other contact details as this will help greatly. Take care and good luck in the Future !!!

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More About John Hynes

Hello my name is John Hynes of BPM Studios and I am a Guitar Teacher and an also are here to help you get the most from your music and ideas. Based in Rushden, Northamptonshire for around three years now, we are ready and waiting to serve you with a professional attitude and an after service that is second to none

I mainly work with original artists and assist them with trying to get their works out. We can cater for all requirements and have produced many recordings for various artists who have gone on and had their works published.

What we offer is a comprehensive studio at the right price to suit your pocket, with three good sound rooms that are designed to do the best job possible. We also offer you a personal service that is tailored to your needs.

I believe that music is personal to you and we take it seriously. I pride myself on being one of the best studios in the area. B.P.M. Productions offer a professional and efficient service catering for any desired requirement or specification.

With almost two decades of specialist composition and high-class production, previous projects range from basic talk-over pieces to jingles, musical advertisement to soundbiting and sound manipulation to large compositional development. Our library at present is based on an array of genres all condensed, mixed and mastered. If a particular amendment is required, all of our tracks can be manipulated and managed to suit.

(1974 - 81) I started playing guitar from the age of seven, when I say Guitar; I think it came out of a cheap Christmas cracker. Spent most years after annoying my friends and family playing incessantly in my bedroom. Finally got my first real guitar at the age of thirteen from a second hand shop in Tavistock costing me the princely sum of £40, which I paid in instalments and it seemed like a fortune to me. When my brother and I were younger we were always playing around with tape recorders and recording music and comedy sketches that we had written together.( God Bless Monty Python )

(1981- 87) I started writing Songs and Poems from the age of thirteen too. In 1987 my brother and I formed a band called Powerline and my brother played bass. We played local gigs around the area Corby mainly due the great music scene there, it was a bit rough and ready but we liked the spit and sawdust sort of pubs. Also at this time I bought a mini studio tape machine and recorded some of my own music and bought a keyboard and a drum machine and a bass guitar among other things. I was like a kid in a sweet shop and still am when it comes down to musical equipment and music technology.

(1987-2007) After playing for a while I decided to teach guitar to others. I have also started running Jam Nights at my local pub The Carriage House in Higham. Four years ago I decide to stop being a mental health nursing assistant as I had done it for 9 years and felt I was on burn out and needed a change in my life. So I sold my house and bought another with a large 40 by 20 foot room which I thought was ideal for a recording studio. I invested the money I made from the sale of my old house to get the room kitted out properly i.e. sound proofing it and making three different sound rooms. I also bought lots of outboard equipment such as, Compressors, Reverb units, pre amps, and had some wall boxes installed. Last year

I finished doing two L.Ps , one called ''The Feel Good Factor'' and the other was called 'Dry Ice'. These have now been published and are designed for TV and radio adverts and film scores. I am hoping that one of the tracks gets chosen and that things will start to snowball from there.

My main interest is writing for film projects, or someone to commission me to do music for them. I like the idea of strict boundaries and criteria as I thrive off the challenge. I also so enjoy being a producer and helping people getting their musical ideas and concepts down and finished.

For recording purposes I use Cubase , I have used Cubase for around 6 years now and I am still learning about it . I also use many different plugins that run alongside with Cubase. My whole system is run through a Moto soundcard, which has 24 ins and 24 outs. This is then linked to patch bays. This allows greater flexibility routing to different pieces of equipment. I also have a great section of vocal and instrument professional microphones.

I am mainly self taught musically and have always loved music, I think music is a gift. I think the main thing you need as a musician is a good ear and an understanding of how to achieve the sound and feel you want from a piece of music. I spent a lot of time as a child alone and this gave me time to listen more and understand what was going on inside music and emotions involved. I write most of the time and feel sometime this is something out of my control. I have to get the ideals out of my head. Music is the only thing that can truly inspire and motivate my whole being and when I teach I think this message comes across well.

I am also so Very glad to see that real live music is back and all around.

Thanks for reading and hope to hear from in the near future regarding the studio.

Take Care


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May 2008


Aimed at: Beginner and Intermediate.

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